Friday, March 4, 2011

The Pwincess and Preschool

Cate: (arms extended out wide) "Mom, we have a very see-wee-us pwoblem"
Me: "What's wrong now?"
Cate: "Bennett took my magic wand and it's not his and that's not fair. (hand on her chest, tapping ever-so gently) I'm the pwincess, Pwincess Cate"
Wish I had gotten that scene on video. She was very dramatic and hilarious!

Just an everyday outfit for Princess Cate!

Gabby and Cate helped me make my Girls on the Run poster.

Yesterday, Cate had her preschool screening. I was very nervous about it..she seems so little to be going to preschool! I was also nervous because she seems far behind from where Brady was at this age. But, as one of the evaluator's told me "Brady was so advanced that it's not fair to compare him to anyone". But still, it's hard not to. Anyway, Miss Cate did awesome and put my fears to rest. After a near disastrous hearing test that I thought would be the deal breaker for her, she flew through the rest of the tests. This crazy nurse tried to literally jam a hearing device into her ear..turning it until Cate started screaming. As soon as I jumped up to grab her (the nurse), she asked if Cate had tubes. Since she does, she didn't need the test. Hello! Why wasn't that the first question asked?? So, Cate was crying, but the vision nurse was the nicest lady ever and calmed her down and after that, it was smooth sailing. Miss Ann was her first evaluator. This woman is sugary sweet. Makes me want to shake her and force her to say something mean. Cate loves her and did awesome on the tests (especially the cutting with scissors...which I wasn't sure she could cut circles out and follow curvy lines. She did both with no problem...good thing my mom lets her use scissors at her house !) Overall, it went 100% better than I anticipated and she's definitely going to be ready for school in the fall. 2.5 hours of free time for me 5 days a week. What will I do with myself?!?!

Digging for worms in the backyard. She didn't even need a shovel, just pulled them up with her bare hands. Spring is almost here!!!
Cate definitely knew where her hips were when being quizzed on body parts!

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