Tuesday, March 22, 2011


On Monday, Cate and I decided it was the perfect day to spend at the park. During my Sunday run (9.1 miles in case you're wondering ;) ), we ran the trail that passes by Horseshoe Lake and I was surprised at how pretty it was and knew Cate would love seeing all the ducks and throwing rocks into the water. So, that's where we headed. There's a huge playground too and we packed a big bag of bread to feed the ducks. Poor ducks didn't even get a crumb...Cate ate it all :)
If you scroll quickly through the next group of pictures, you'll see Cate do her "We Did It-Dora dance" after she mastered the climbing tower :)

Pointing out a fishing boat

I was really hoping she wouldn't notice the sand volleyball pit. No such luck.

Monday's With Mommy rock!!

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