Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cate's Dramatic Story~A Video

Cate is the most dramatic, animated child I have ever met. She talks with her hands, arms, does a few toe kicks, a couple ballerina moves, and a thank-you bow at the end. All the hoopla just to tell me it's rainy and she can't see the sun. Very entertaining to watch and I've been trying to get a good story on video for weeks. Last night, I kinda got what I was looking for.....Cate was telling a story about how she is a ghost, and the bad wolf wants to blow her house down ,but her house is made of bricks (I love her dramatic arms/hands when talking about bricks)...then she rambles about house/hospital/airplane being too big..hands on her hips. But the best is when I ask her why she had to go to the hospital and she reenacts jumping off the couch and then she collects herself and delivers the hunched shoulders, sigh, sweet folded hands, drops her head...she's getting very good at her story telling!! Even better is Scott's reaction to her dramatics. Love how she calls me out at the end about Scott going in the ambulance while I stayed home.....because Ben had a houseful of boys that I needed to figure out where to ship them and then I raced over to the hospital.

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Jen said...

Love this post because I hardly ever hear Cate talk!!