Wednesday, August 19, 2015

back at it...

Hello first day of school.  August 19th.  I'm loving the later start date...I really wish they would go Labor Day to Memorial Day and take some of the fluff days out of the middle (I don't need 9 days off at spring break or 17 at Christmas!), but since no one asked me, I will be satisfied with the 19th.  Btw, why didn't anyone ask me?

This morning I was pretty sad that summer is over.  We had a really good summer, REALLY good...maybe our best one yet, and I'm having a hard time letting go.  As for school starting, that doesn't really make me sad.  I know the kids are ready to get back with all of their friends and I am more than ready for a routine around here.  No more 10:30am wake-ups (Cate) or late-night phone calls to pick the boys up from their friends. I don't think I'm sad about the kids getting older either.  No, I'm definitely more pissed about ME getting older, not them. So age away little ones, I'm gonna sit here at 29 (!) for another ten years.

My morning drop-offs are going to take some getting used to since Brady has moved on to intermediate school and everyone starts at different times.  Thankfully Bennett and his Dad are both in 8th grade so they can carpool :)

Cate 2nd grade, Bennett 8th grade, Brady 5th grade

 Bennett's history teacher is none other than his dad. Yeah, his D-A-D.  No joke.  There is no district rule against it and because Ben is in the accelerated program, his scheduling options were limited.  It will be fine.  Scott has an awesome co-teacher during 1st hour and she will do a great job at refereeing any bickering between father and son, teacher and student. And her name is Ms. Bennett, so it's practically already 2 against 1.  Ben has it all figured out and under control :)

My first email communication from Mr. Smallie! I wonder if any other moms have *heart eyes smiley faces* next to his name?!

I'm still babysitting but Marci is on maternity leave (welcome Ava!) so until mid-October I am a one-man show at home.  HOLLA! I have 9,239 things on my to-do list, and I'm hoping to knock out at least 10 :) before my babysitting duties begin.  Updating my blog is at the top of the list because I've totally let it slide and I know one day I'll be disappointed that I didn't "scrapbook" these years.  The other things on my list are lots of lunches with Candi and Jaime and lots of walks with Phoebe (both of which I've already done today!)  

So, I guess....ready or not, here we go!