Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Madness

Our spring sports schedule started back full force this weekend and I'm already hating it. We have at least two practices four nights a week and I won't even get into the details about how crazy busy our weekends are. I'm already exhausted and Scott's baseball games haven't even started yet...or Bennett's...or Brady's. Carter has a soccer tournament in Chicago this weekend and we still haven't decided who is and Carter or the whole family (guess which I'm voting for?!) There is no way Cate will go an entire weekend without her daddy, so if he and Ben and Brady stay back for their soccer games, Carter and I are heading north by ourselves! I'm sure we won't decide who's going til late Thursday night...who needs to plan ahead?!
On Sunday, Carter had a game at Soccer Park in Fenton

Brady and Ben love to get onto the field during halftime.

Cate getting the ball for Shawn....

Next up was Brady's soccer game...a nice 45 minute drive from Carters field

They won. 7-1 Brady is still beast.

Cate found some sticks and entertained herself playing the drums.

Bennett's morning soccer game was canceled due to rain. After Brady's game, we headed home for five minutes so the boys could get changed for baseball practice. Scott dropped me off at Candi's and he took Ben and Brady to practice. Carter stayed home and Cate went to Grammy's. Candi, Marcie, and I ran 9.1 with our feet. The whole way. Amazing. Two hours later, Candi dropped me off at home and five minutes later, Scott pulled in. That means, we were gone 9 hours straight yesterday. This is why I wake up Monday with a terrible hang-over...that has nothing to do with alcohol. Scott said each kid is giving up one sport next year, so we'll see how that goes. I'm all for it!

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