Saturday, March 5, 2011


My schedule for today:
8-10:30-Scott baseball practice
10:30-Bennett basketball pictures
11:00-Bennett basketball game
1:00-Brady soccer @ SFF
1:30-Carter soccer @ SWIC - Canceled due to rain!
2:00-Bennett soccer @ Belle-Clair- Canceled due to rain!
2:30-Carter soccer @ TSA
4:30- Carter soccer @ TSA
7:00- Carter soccer @ SFF

Sorry to all the Mardi-Gras party people, but yes, I did pray for rain.
Well, I've almost survived Scott's first week of highschool baseball. He is really loving the switch from coaching softball to baseball....even though it means way more time away. Yesterday he left for work at 7:20am and finally met us for dinner at 8:15 last night. He is exhausted! The boys are not loving him being away...Bennett woke up this morning to find him gone and screamed "I hate baseball". I think it'll be better once the games start and they can hang out in the dugout. For me, it will be better on June 1 :)

Here's to hoping your Saturday is relaxing....take a nap for me!!

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