Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Break

This week is spring break for the kids/Scott. But, it's still business as usual around here. Gabby and Grace visit Tues-Thurs, boys still have sports practice everynight and Scott still has baseball at least 2.5 hours each day. The weather has been pretty crappy, which is ok with me because if it were sunny and warm, I wouldn't be happy about not getting to do anything. We have gotten a few projects done around the house....painted my dining room chandelier (didn't love it, had Scott take it down again, repainted it, like it now), put Cate's new light from IKEA together and bought all supplies to repaint/redo her room...and Scott has done lots of yard work. Bennett has two friends spending the night tonight, and Carter is planning to have a houseful stay Saturday night. So, a quick shout-out to the brilliant mind behind Ambien! G'night :)

Last night, Brady ran into the corner of my parents countertop and got a black eye. The whole way home Dramatic Cate kept saying in her most pitiful voice "Dis is ho-wah-ble. Bwady's gonna have to wear a patch on his eye and then he'll be a piwate. He will say AARRR!" (her imagination is running wild these days!) And Brady kept saying "That was so close. I thought I was going to lose my eye. Then I'd need a walking stick like the blind guy that walks home from Schnucks". I wonder how many times I roll my eyes a day.



And then there was light......

Don't you just love Cate's new bedroom light? Scott put it together...all 97 pieces (no joke). Obviously the clear light bulbs are not the ideal choice...those are some freaky shadows on the wall! Only took three trips to Lowes to find the ones that work best....mission accomplished. Now, I have to paint the room/dresser/closet/side table....should be super easy considering I have nothing else going on...har har. Did I mention I'm running a relay marathon next weekend and in 30 days, I'm running a half-marathon?! My training is up to 11 miles this weekend...yes, that's 11 miles at one time. Who woulda thought I was capable of that?!?! Not me!!!

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