Sunday, March 22, 2015


is a beautiful glorious day in the neighborhood! Hello spring!

I'm supposed to be cleaning the house while everyone is gone (skateboarding, biking, baseball practice, etc) but I started to upload pictures from my phone and camera and thought I'd post a few from today.  Of course, most are of my baby Phoebe :)

Getting the community garden ready for spring plantings.  My sister and mom have been super busy planting onions and potatoes and starting the rest from seeds in the green house.  I hate to garden.  I wish I didn't, but I do.  I do love to walk around nurseries though and choose my next victims hanging plants.  I was not born with the green thumb or love of gardening.  Sorry Engelke family!

digging for worms

puppy spa is open for business

throw her toys in, jump in and saves them.

Phoebe does not like to play Frisbee like this
poor baby is sad that daddy won't let her ride in the front seat of his car :(  She loves car rides and jumps in as soon as someone opens the door..whether she's invited or not.
Cate quickly realized that the fastest way to dig a hole is to stand back and let the dog do all of the work...

manure mulch dive

 Obviously, we're still smitten with Phoebe! She definitely loves being outdoors the best and could run for hours...and then sleep for hours (my favorite part). She weighed a whopping 11 pounds at her last appt and should top out around 22-25.  We're looking forward to lots of summer fun exploring the outdoors with her!

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