Monday, October 29, 2012

Annie Turns 21!!

"Aunt Debbie, tell me the story about Mommy's 21st Birthday again!!"
"Everyone met at Fast Eddie's to celebrate?"
 "And my Mommy drank what???"
 "And then she looked like this??"
"Oh, that story never gets old" 
That about sums it up!  Thanks to Jon for babysitting so Scott and I could enjoy a few frosty drinks (water and soda...we're lame) to celebrate Annie's birthday.  It was a lot of fun...and the food was delish!  Happy Birthday Annie, I hope this year is the best one yet!!
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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Field Trip

Friday was Cate's field trip to the pumpkin farm.  It was cold.  And rainy.  But fun nonetheless.  It didn't start pouring until our snacktime so we were able to leave early without missing anything.  Short and sweet fieldtrips, just how I like them!

Tyler Birdsong, Cate, and Ryan M.

Ball pit!

She jumped up on these pumpkins and yelled "Hey Mom, wouldn't this make a great photo?!"  I've totally got her trained :)
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Saturday, October 20, 2012

the not so wicked witch..or is she?

Cate finally found the perfect Halloween costume.  What started as Rapunzel with the super long hair, turned into Brave with the curly red wig, then she moved on to BatGirl and then five minutes into a very intense online search, she found "the one".  A witch that lights up.  Spooktakular.
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The Old Six Mile Garden is winding down for the season and last week Bennett's class walked over to watch a demonstration on the making of sorghum syrup.  Yeah, I had never heard of it either.  They have rows of sorghum planted at the museum and the sorghum people brought their machines (?) and showed the kids how they make it into a syrup and everyone got a taste.  They were all in agreement...YUCK!  My parents and sister also made apple butter that day...using the same kettle they've been using since I was a little girl....ahhhh the memories of making apple butter at our church and the pumpkin farm :) Traditions are the best!!

Rhett and Bennett

All day stirring is required...lots of laps around the kettle!

Cate was in school so Hadley and I dropped by to take pictures.  She decided it was the perfect time to practice her gymnastics.  She and Cate watch the Olympics on dvr all the time.  This is their signature move although I don't remember ever seeing the Fab Five doing this  :)

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

pumpkin patch

Monday was a school holiday, so we headed to the Relleke Pumpkin Patch.  Rhett Relleke spent the night with Bennett Sunday night so we met his mom and sister for a VIP trip of the farm :) The super hot summer may have screwed their corn crop, but the pumpkins are fabulous! 

Brady, Rhett, Bennett on a hayride

Cate has asked for a pony for Christmas to which Scott asked me "So, what should we do?"  Like it's even an option!!  That man is crazy.  I thought it was funny when we got to the farm and saw this sign.  Regardless of what he thinks...the pony is a no-go!

We picked some big pumpkins! 

Good thing Mr. Smallie is freakishly strong...we made him work!!!  :)
Cutting his own

Happy Fall Y'All!!!

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a final celebration

On Sunday, we celebrated Brady's birthday with family at our house.  Dinner, cake and gifts...what could be better?!   He received lots of great gifts...the highlights being a Nintendo 3DS, 2 pairs of shoes, and lots of iTunes gift cards.  He is one lucky guy!!

Same cake as last year. 

Happy 8th Birthday Brady!  Hope this coming year is your best yet!!
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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Homecoming 2012

Saturday night was Carter's Homecoming Dance.  Events like that make me happy that I have three boys and only one girl.  He went with a group of friends and thankfully the girls made all of the plans.  They met at the park for pictures, took a limo to dinner and then the dance.  He actually had a soccer game at 12:30 which started an hour late (I hate that the coaches schedule non-conference games on Homecoming...ridiculous!) so we barely made it to the park in time for pictures.  I wasn't super thrilled with Carter's attire choice this was kind of plain but he wore it well :)  Next year I'm choosing!

Carter and Stevie (Cate looovvvesss Stevie)
Carter and Abbie...BFF's since preschool!!!

Cate could not wait to get to the park and see all of the dresses! 

Trevor made an appearance at the park!

Stevie, Vic, Carter, and teammates

Cousin Jon was looking fine!!

Carter, Stevie, Greylin, and Braydan

Scott is seriously out of control. 

I snuck in for a picture :)

And then I stole a few from Facebook!

Oh, these two

Student Council parents are asked to work at the dance each year.  Last year I worked the drink table and this year I was promoted to coat check.  Goodbye messy, sticky soda pouring~~hello checking bags full of smelly shoes.  My "co-workers" were awesome though and we totally rocked it.  I would say that Homecoming 2012 was a huge success!

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Monday, October 8, 2012


Brady asked for an iPod touch for his birthday.  We were hoping that if he had earbuds in and listening to music, he would talk less.  We were wrong.  But he was super excited and loves it.  Of course things with Brady are never easy, and when I heard him "singing" a song that was basically one long cuss word I realized he synced his music library to Carter's.  Let's just say that a 15 and 8 year old should NOT have the same playlist.  Once we got that figured out, he downloaded a texting app. complete with his own phone number.  Just what I need, another way for Brady to communicate.  That night, he and Scott got had a little disagreement and these were the texts that Scott had on his phone when he woke up...

  • idiot
  • you are crabby
  • why are you so mean
  • stop yelling at your kids
  • goodnight dad i love you 

Bahahahahaha!  He's a mess.  He ended up getting lots of iTunes cards at his party and he's been busy searching for new games and music. 
This was from MauMau :)

One more birthday post (from his party) and we are finally finished celebrating Brady's 8th birthday!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

brady the great turns eight.

Brady turned the big EIGHT this week.  Woohoo!  Some days Scott and I weren't sure he was actually going to make it this far :)  On Saturday, the weather was way too good to pass up so we decided to celebrate at The Loading Dock for dinner.  Carter even graced us with his presence (mostly because he wanted to drive the River Road).  It was a perfect evening!!
The Birthday Boy!
we are family....
Scott and I laughed so hard at this picture in my camera view-finder because the boat makes it look like Brady is wearing a tiny hat!

sunset AND a lightening bolt...ahhhmazing

Of course we had to walk up the street to the fudge/ice cream place for dessert.  Delish!

Why. I'm. Crazy.

The live band had Cate dancing the night away :)

View from the backseat...driving into a full moon
This was the first time I have been in the car with Scott while Carter is driving.  Let's just say we have very different methods of "teaching" Carter to drive.  I was very surprised to hear Scott talk to him throughout the entire drive, giving him tips on lane usage, speed, etc.  Scott was very calm, soft spoken, and a really great passenger. ** When I ride shotgun while Carter drives me around, I browse through catalogs and play on my phone.  I pay zero attention and I guess I just assume he knows what he's doing.  I think I better leave Scott to the driver's ed!!

So, Mr. Brady is officially 8.  Still a hard worker.  Still full of energy.  Still a punk.  He's so dramatic and when he's fired up, he loves to ridicule his parents.  "I can not believe I'm grounded because I went to church.  I can't believe out of all the parents in the world, I have you two.  People who ground children for going to church.  Un. Be. Leave. Able." (this is a rather funny story, but you get the point.  His dramatics are ridiculous) He still loves his Catie Bug, and running wild through the neighborhood with his bff Jack, and helping my parents at the garden as much as possible.  He is dead set on being a farmer when he grows up and tonight he told me he was going to have to go to college in Texas so he can be a real cowboy. I love watching him on the soccer and baseball fields and he accomplished so much in all of his sports this year. He is still on his straight-A's streak and has already read his 100 books for IRP due in March :)  Scott and I always talk about how thankful we are that he has so many really great traits that make his not-so-great traits easier to deal with ;)  Did I mention he is a punk?!

 Looking forward to another great year for the Bradster..Happy Birthday Boo!!!

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