Wednesday, November 11, 2015


I've decided that the reason I've been avoiding this blog is because the task of sifting through pictures from the last 9 months is too overwhelming.  Who has time to go through over 10,000 pictures and then write about them?  Why did I let myself get so far behind?  Aack!

But...I've come to the realization (in the last 40 minutes) that this blog is very important to me and even though it sometimes feels like a huge chore to write posts, it will be well worth it when our kids read back through all of our crazy adventures and realize how much fun we've had along the way.  And why their parents are so frickin' crazy.  (spoiler alert:  it's their fault) 

Now I'm going to cheat and just list the highlights from our year so far.  I have a few big posts that I don't want to skimp on (trips!) but I'll just throw them in as I go.

2015 January-November Highlights
  • we got a puppy.  Have I mentioned Phoebe?
  • Scott's first season as the head varsity baseball coach was a success.  Another teams coach told him it will take 4 years until the program really feels like his own, but I think he was pretty happy with Season 1. 
  • Brady played lots of soccer  
  • Bennett played lots of baseball
  • Cate bridged from Daisy's to Brownies
  • Carter GRADUATED highschool and turned 18!
  • Disneyworld, the Lake, Anna Maria Island OH MY!
  • Mississippi, Chicago, Virginia OH MY!
  • IKEA opened 12 miles from our house.  Of course, I was there on opening day. 
  • I'm coaching a Girls on the Run team at Grigsby this season but plan to go back to Worthen in the spring
  • Carter went to the Homecoming Dance with Morgan
  • Bennett was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society
    Brady = lots of soccer

    Bennett = lots of baseball

    Girl Scout Bridging Ceremony
2015 Graduate!!
IKEA (I've been waiting so long for this!)

Girls on the Run is so much FUN!!
National Honor Society ceremony

And current events....
  • Scott is still teaching 8th grade history and Bennett is still his favorite student in 1st hour :)
  • I am babysitting baby Ava (4 months) everyday and occasionally Parker (almost 2)
  • Bennett is taking weekly confirmation classes at our church
  • Bennett and Scott have baseball workouts/hitting 4 nights a week
  • Brady has soccer practice 3 nights a week and games on the weekends
  • Cate tumbles on Wednesdays and Brownies on Mondays
  • Carter is working 30+ hours a week at a Target warehouse and takes college classes T/Th
  • All 3 dogs, Buddy, Murphy and Phoebe are still kickin' it and making things loud around here
Sweet Baby Ava
Cate at tumbling

Carter doing grown-up stuff
Phoebe is still growing! 30lbs already! And she needs to be touching someone when she sleeps.  Murphy took one for the team this night.
So there it is...2015 in a half-ass blog post that was way overdue.  And since it took me almost two hours to fight these pictures and blog layout, I'm not sure when my next update will be!!!