Thursday, February 28, 2013

roadtrip...sort of

We spent last weekend at the lake, this time to celebrate Cate, BauBau, and Grammy's birthdays.  Yes, we are still celebrating Cate's birthday.  Brady had two basketball games early Saturday morning and he decided he wanted to stay to play, so we sent Bennett and Cate with Grammy and BauBau Friday and we drove down Saturday after the games.  (Carter chose not to go with us this time)  I didn't think Cate would actually go overnight without know, because she has only spent one day away from us in the last five years...but she jumped in Grammy's car and never looked back.  Scott, however, got all teary eyed and before they were even out of the driveway, he declared Cate is never going away to college.  Brady was pretty sad about not going with them (even though he was the one who insisted on playing in the basketball games...which I tried really hard to talk him out of) so we took him and his buddy Jack out to dinner and to the highschool basketball game.  We made it to the lake around 1:00 Saturday so we didn't miss out on too much fun  :)  We had a great time and it was just the relaxing family fun that we needed before highschool baseball season starts!

hanging out on the couch while Mike and Fran entertained Cate :)

Bennett was trying to catch a tan

Bennett and I hung out like this a lot!

Ice Ice Baby!  It was super slick

Scott decided the "best" option would be for the kids to slide down the hill towards the lake and he would grab them before they got too close.  Dear Mom, I tried to stop him.  Me, Elaine, and BauBau watched from the bathroom window!

They were racing down that hill!!  I have the best video of Scott barely grabbing Brady but I snorted in it, so until I figure out how to erase the sound, I won't share it!

We played LOTS of games.  Uno, Charades, Dice, Apples to Apples...and BauBau won every game.  She was ruthless!  Brady was so frustrated by the end of the night that I thought poor BauBau was going to have to sleep with one eye open!! 

Another birthday celebration for Cate with more cake and gifts??  Of course :)

BauBau buys the craziest gifts!!!


Charades....the kids loved playing this.  Cate was actually really good at it.  Brady was not.  And Fran, let's just say she struggled. Wish I had her trampoline impression on video.

Cate slept with me in the yellow room and Scott slept with the boys in the "dorm".  I don't remember why, but I'm sure Grammy was happy to get her whole bed to herself! She didn't have to fall asleep with the Disney Channel on or listen to Cate talking in her sleep :)

Everyone went swimming Sunday morning, but Ben wanted to stay home, so I chose to stay back and "supervise" him. Read five magazines...woot!
 We did some shopping before we packed up to head home.  I love the Adidas-Nike-Under Armor trifecta...they have the best deals.
"Little Scotty" showing how awesome he can jump in his new shoes. That's what his grandma calls him.  He's her favorite.  If she saw him eyeing something in a store, she would snatch it up and buy it.  Spoiled!

Told you they had good deals at the outlet mall!

Already looking forward to our next trip! 
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Thursday, February 21, 2013

hoop it up

Last night Brady's basketball team played during halftime at the SIUe boys basketball game.  He had a soccer game at 5:00 and then the basketball game started at 7:00.  Half of his soccer team plays on his basketball team and the other half played against them.  Fun stuff!!  As usual, Brady had the biggest cheering section :)  My parents, Grammy, Fran, and Bau Bau joined us and even Carter!

They look thrilled, right?!
Braden, Nathan, and Brady pre-game
Is this a reflection of Carter's future college years or what?!

Always a little smirk on his face :)
eddie, Fwannie, and Cate
She was very tired by the end of the game!

Post-game photo-op (Carter left after halftime with my parents)

We had a really great time at the game and I'm glad his coach (probably more like coach's wife!) set it up.  This was the first college basketball game we've taken the kids to and they all had a fun time....even though Bennett was a bit disappointed that it wasn't as loud and wild as a Duke game!!!

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Saturday, February 9, 2013

party like you're five.

We had some of our favorite people over tonight to celebrate Cate!  As of last night at 9pm, I still hadn't decided on a menu, and thankfully Jerry's cafeteria was able to whip up 50 pieces of chicken and twice-baked potatoes last minute.  Why do I do this to myself??  Anyhoo, Cate chose a 'unicorn and rainbows' theme for her decor which is very fitting considering her life is "soooo magical".  Ahhh to be a five year old princess.....
I only took about ten pictures the entire party.  Wish I would have gotten some of our families....I'll have to do that at the next party.

Obviously Cate chose this dress and has worn it everyday since.  And don't you just love excessive use of hair clips and headbands??  ME NEITHER. 

Uncle Josh and Lauren scored major points with a Merida costume and doll! (Wish they could have joined us!)

Shy girl?!

 Another celebration down and one more to go.  We are heading to the lake this weekend because Cate asked Frannie if she could have a birthday party at the lake and Fairy Godmother Frannie always grants her her wishes :)  We are also going to celebrate Grammy and BauBau's birthdays! 

Friday, February 8, 2013


Today was Cate's actual birthday and even though her party isn't until tomorrow, we knew we had to do something fun today.  Cate did not have school so we (+Hadley) spent the morning at the McDonald's playland.  Fun, right?!  Gross.  Of course they had a great time and it wore them out for afternoon naps.  Cate chose Texas Roadhouse for her birthday dinner and then wanted to go to Bass Pro Shops for a new fishing pole.  Dinner was great and she got to ride the saddle while everyone cheered her on...YEEEEHAWWWWW!
The boys were mortified that she insisted on dancing when the waitresses got up and line-danced.
"Moooommmm, make her stop, this is embarrassing!"

Saddle is here!
Birthday Treat

Testing out her new pole
She had a great birthday and the partying continues tomorrow!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cate's Day

To celebrate Cate's birthday (a day early), Scott took a personal day off work today and we took her to American Girl for lunch...and to pick out a few gifts.  Just the three of us.  I think Cate loved being the only child for a few hours and we loved having her all to ourselves!
American Girl was pretty empty which turned out to be good and bad.  Good because Cate got LOTS of attention from everyone and bad because Cate got maybe TOO MUCH attention from everyone.  Scott asked me if the employees worked on commission because they were all over us while we were shopping.  But being the great shopper that Cate is, she was able to shake off all the sticker, cards, and other trinkets offered and chose her doll and accessories.  She has four Bitty Babies but this time she wanted a big doll.  I was really surprised that she chose the Girl of the Year, Saige...I thought for sure she would pick doll #22, the light skin, blond hair, blue eyed doll.  After studying the catalog for weeks and walking the store for 30 minutes, she made her mind up and Saige it was! 
Saige, Cate, and Phoebe #1 (her original doll from MauMau for her 1st birthday...they are all named Phoebe!)  Aunt Fran gave Cate and Phoebe #1 matching birthday outfits :)
Scott looks thrilled, right?  Thank goodness the food is REALLY good and they had Diet Coke for him :)  He was a good sport but did repeat the phrase "this is a racket" at least ten times!
The Bistro staff surprised us with a chocolate sundae "on them".  Holla!  Our waitress even called the kitchen staff out to sing to Cate.  She was very spoiled by everyone in the store. 
Cate had a few bites and Scott was more than willing to finish it off for her

Just as we were about to pass the exit for the zoo, Scott decided we stop in to see the Sea Lions and ride the carousel.  Very spontaneous and dangerous decision (you know, crossing four lanes of traffic and barely making the exit on two wheels) ...super fun!
Cate appreciated this last minute surprise trip!
The sea lions played with Cate for the longest time.  Everytime she put her hand to the glass, they would swim up and "kiss" her hand.  Very cool :)
This lonely guy was happy to see Cate too

Playing vet in the Children's Zoo
Everytime we're here, she has to fill those bowls with the fake food and feed the sheep.  Today, the chickens were nesting and none too happy to see her.  She didn't let them stop her though
It was such a great trip through the zoo.  We only saw about 10 other people the entire time we were there (other than staff who were taking advantage of a mild winter day to prep for spring).  Again, Cate got lots of attention from the employees who seemed very happy to see zoo visitors.  It was really neat to have the entire zoo to ourselves...and all of the animals were out and very active. Great idea Scott!
This is Cate's new AG horse.  He's almost twice as big as Murphy.  Everytime Scott has walked into the living room tonight, he's yelped and said "Damn, I thought that was another dog"  Like six times he's done this.  SIX! 

Tomorrow is Cate's official birthday and then Saturday is her party.  Bennett told me he was ready for it to be over so I can start focusing on his April birthday :)