Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring Stuff

I am getting ready to do some spring cleaning on my camera memory cards and because I have nothing interesting to say, I think I'll post some random pictures :)

The boys finished their first session of Learn to Play hockey. They both really loved it. The game of hockey is just the right speed for!

Hockey=lots of smelly equipment

I love this picture of Brady. He loves to imitate the highschool hockey boys...kicks that left leg up and skates on one skate. He can often be found in the corner of the rink practicing his checking skills on "pretend guys"

Cate does not love hockey. "I not leaving dis warming room cause it cold outside!"

She finally made her way outside to play in the Zamboni's ice pile

At the Police/Fireman vs. Warrior Hockey broomball game, Kenny *on right*(my brother-in-law) and Cody (my niece's boyfriend) were ready to rumble. At one point, the police had thrown Cody onto their bench, ripped off his shoes and socks and threw him back onto the ice to play barefoot!

Candi bought us these awesome hats to wear during the Mardi Gras 5k. Cate loves it!

Bennett received an A+ on his President Roosevelt research paper and speech

Ben's latest artwork

Brady's tribute to Cat in the Hat

Girls on the Run started last week. I made a poster of the girls promises for them to read each week before our run. The 5k is scheduled for May 15th

The boys were amazed at the amount of sweat on my shirt after my run Sunday! "I didn't know girls could sweat that much"~Brady
I found this $1 tray at JoAnn Fabrics

Painted it

And hopefully it will keep the markers and crayons organized for awhile

One of Bennett's chores is to fold towels. Carter thought the moment should be captured!

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Rudd Family said...

Love, love, the tray! I have no crafty genes so I'm so jealous of people like you.

Good luck with the 5K!