Saturday, July 2, 2016

Summer 2016

We made it to summer~Yay!  And then Scott agreed to teach summer school M-F 8-2:30~Boo! But that ended yesterday so we're back to summer~Yay!

The first 30 days have flown it really July 2 already? Scott and I have decided that June 2016 was our very busiest ever which neither of us were expecting.  I guess a calendar filled-in with 3 baseball teams practice/games, daily swim practice, 3v3 soccer, school physicals, summer school, swim meets, Wednesday's with Trevor, Cardinals games, police camp, dentist appts, hair cuts, vet appts wasn't enough warning of just how chaotic June would get.  Throw in 2-3 hours hanging out at the pool daily and we were literally only home to sleep and eat.  C-r-a-z-y. 

But we made it to July and most of those activities are starting to wind down, making way for a few weeks of lazy summer days (fingers crossed).  Holla. 

I currently have 11,734 pictures on my phone that need to be transferred to my computer/external hard drive because I have lots of posts to catch up on.  I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

Wednesday's with Trevor (back when it was still Tuesday's with Trevor but whatever).  He is the epitome of a 3 yr old boy. 
Wears. Me. Out! 

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Saturday, January 9, 2016


It's snowing outside so I'm going through my beach vacation pictures. 
It's all about balance. 

Our summer trip to Anna Maria Island, Florida was a huge success! We haven't been to the beach since our Myrtle Beach trip years ago, and I was a little worried about how enthused the kids would be about hanging out in the sand all day....I did not want to spend the week watching them swim in the backyard pool :)

Turns out, my kids loved the sand and ocean! We spent a minimum of 6 hours parked in the sand every day for a week.  Never made it up early enough to see a sunrise, but had front row seats to glorious sunsets every night.  Cate built sandcastles and buried herself in the sand without once asking to leave...she was a happy little beach bum.

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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Disney Flashback and a New Year

I have only made a few resolutions for 2016 and they're nothing major...update my blog more than 5 times (5 times last year!) and become more of a "doer"(don't just buy the supplies and then never even start the project). Here is my first attempt at updating my blog more often...I'll start with a Disney Flashback. I'm taking it all the way back to May :) 

Another soccer tournament at Wide World Sports in Orlando, yes please!  I heart Disney.  I can remember telling Scott a long time ago that I had no desire to take the kids to Disney, ever, because the thought of an agenda-filled "vacation" did not appeal to me.  I was stupid.  Disneyworld is the best. Every child deserves a trip to should be mandatory

This soccer trip landed during highschool baseball season which meant Scott and Carter were a no-go. Bennett opted out.  That left me, Brady and Cate and we took full advantage of the low numbers!

Disney is an intimidating trip...there is so much to see and do and it's all very overwhelming.  I would have freaked-the-heck-out had this been our first time and it definitely would have been a completely different experience than the one we had.  And, traveling with kids alone is no joke.  Totally doable, but I did have to give myself several pep talks along the way "Deb, you can do hard things" :) 

Our entire team was staying off property in a condo complex but I chose for us to stay on property to avoid renting a car.  I'm very familiar with Disney transportation and felt like having to navigate Orlando in a car by myself was just adding unnecessary stress.  We had 2-day park hopper tickets and three days of games so I knew we wouldn't be in the hotel much anyway.
Cate wrote a letter to her teacher during the flight and Brady snoozed.  I started reading a book about organizing my house and I have yet to finish it :) 


Our first full day was spent between Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. The kids knew exactly which rides they wanted to hit at each park and we signed up for the fast passes a few weeks before we left town.  Walking in to Magic Kingdom will never get old.  It kind of stops your heart and takes your breath away.  I'm not kidding...I get emotional every time we walk through the gate.  

Magic Carpets and old enough to go by themselves.  Holla!

Disney parades are the absolute best.  This new one was awesome

Alice in Wonderland came over to talk to Cate.  All of the parade characters and dancers are very crowd-friendly 

We went back to the hotel to swim and chill before we headed to Hollywood Studios.  We were laying around in the hotel and Brady mentioned he wanted to see the Indiana Jones show and when I looked up the time, it started in 20 minutes.  All the stars aligned and we made it to the bus, to HS, and to the show in just 12 minutes.  Got there as they were letting in to the stadium and scored perfect seats.  It was crazy luck and the show was great! We also caught the new Frozen sing-along and it is now one of my favorite attractions.  Hundreds of kids singing at the top of their was very cool.  Cate and Brady loved it too. 
Indiana Jones...we made it!

It's a pretty intense show :)

I was hanging out by this trashcan when Chewbacca walked by

Disney is exhausting! And Brady offered to sleep with Cate so I had an entire bed to myself!!

One of our soccer games was a few miles from our hotel so we took a cab.  The kids enjoyed a quick breakfast on the way to the field. 

After the first game, a German Soccer Club recruiter approached our coach and asked to talk to three players about his program.  Brady felt super cool to be scouted by a European coach.   

On a whim, I asked the hotel concierge if they had any reservations still available at Chef Mickey and she was able to find one that worked with our schedule.  We took a bus to the tram to the Contemporary Resort and had a great meal with our favorite characters
on the tram 

Cate always finds new friends

Brady enjoyed a few desserts

Bright and early the next morning, we made our way to Animal Kingdom.  
Tree of Life

King of the Jungle on his perch

And after another afternoon swim and quick nap, we spent the evening at Epcot. Soarin' is our favorite ride ever and it did not disappoint!
Inside the Epcot Ball

Cate was not amused by the amount of people walking in front of me when I was trying to take this final picture!!! We closed Epcot down and left at the end of the fireworks show

We had to be at the airport super early the final morning so the kids could get back to school by lunch.  It was Brady's last official day at Worthen (he moved on to Intermediate School this year) and it was also field day which both kids insisted on attending. So we took the early flight home and they had pizza at 6am for breakfast. 

This was an amazing trip. No strollers (so liberating)! No tears! No fighting! And even though I really missed having my entire family with us, it was definitely a magical trip and I can't wait to go back!!! 
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