Friday, July 31, 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pool Party

Despite the crappy weather, Carter's party was a success! Along with his friend, Logan, we rented out the park pool for a night of celebrating. The rain started about 4:30 and we were all worried the party would be canceled. Luckily, it let up long enough to enjoy a few hours with all of his friends.

Happy 12th Birthday!! (well, it's August 5th)

Brady playing under the waterfall

Cate loves to be in the water....

Anna, Chelsea, and Alina...brave girls to hang around those psycho boys!!

Carter, Nick, and Logan. Cupcakes gone wrong.

This is one wild group

Nothing Much To Say

This is Cate saying "CHEEEEZZZZE!" We obviously need to work on this.
Playing in the pool

Tired girl...but still holding on to that chip!

I went to a bow making party last night. This is not one of the bows I made, however, it's very similar. Now, she just needs to keep them on her head (and grow hair)!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sports Weekly

This was a busy week in sports for the Smallie Family. 10 baseball games, 4 soccer games, and 1 swim meet. Bennett played in his very first baseball tournament this weekend. It was machine pitch, which his team has never played before, and they got 3rd place!!!! Bennett went 9 for 12 with an average of .750...crazy, I know. I mean, Hall of Fame inductees only average .325ish. He is a serious baseball stud if I may say so :) Carter played in a 3v3 soccer tournament in O'fallon MO....his team did well and they had a great time. It was a very hectic week, but I survived and this week isn't nearly as bad...two baseball games and SWISA swim championship.
Carter pitching in Wednesday's game. It's a foggy picture because Cate's thumbprint was on my lens

She always seems to find the mud puddles

Bennett batting in the Home Run Derby


Batting during his second game

Carter and his 3v3 team...The Cheezballs (how appropriate!)

Carter played really great. I can tell his twice-weekly workouts at Tank's Gym has made a big difference

Cate and Brady watching some soccer. They are the best fans ever!

Finally figured out how to drink out of a straw...YAY!

Eating at McGurks after the soccer game

Scrubbing her stroller down after a dirty weekend at the ball fields!

Me and My Best Girl

Cate and I have had quite a week. I'm so thankful I have her to keep me company at all of the boys sporting events. This week we've suffered through, er, I mean, enjoyed, nine baseball games, five swim practices, one swim meet, and one soccer game. I know that she'll soon discover she prefers watching the games from the dugout with her daddy and brothers, so I'm going to enjoy this time with her while I can!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Clean Cate

As we were getting ready to walk out the door tonight for Bennett and Carter's baseball games, Cate came running into the living room soaking wet. Grrrrrrr. I had five minutes to get to the fields before the games started. So, I picked her up to change her and of course it wasn't was soap. My Ivory shower wash...the entire bottle. Double Grrrrr. I stripped her down and threw her in the tub. Big mistake. She started foaming and foaming til bubbles were over the top of the tub and onto the floor. I ended up having to rinse her off in the shower and we were fifteen minutes late to the game. Life is never dull....
This was obviously taken before I realized the bubbles were going to overflow

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Another Insightful Conversation

This one between Bennett and his friend Noah

Noah: I would never date a supermodel
Bennett: Why?
Noah: Because they eat a whole bunch of food then vomit
Bennett: How do you know that?
Noah: I "googled" it

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Day of Firsts

Today, we celebrated three "1st Birthdays". My cousin's son, Owen, turned one as did Gabby and Gracie. We started our rounds at Owen's party. The boys swam in their heated pool (who would have thought you would need to heat your pool on July 18 in St Louis??) and had a blast. After Owen's party, we headed to the Cook's. Adriane did a great job throwing a huge bash for the girls and both Gabby and Gracie were absolutely perfect the entire time. Lots of food, family, and friends...can't beat a day like that!

Brady braving the slide (for the 20th time)

Chillin' in the pool

Brady, Kyndra, Drake (also a bday boy!) and Bennett enjoying pork steaks and corn on the cob

A surprisingly calm picture of a wild crowd!

Cousins. Owen is five months younger than Cate but a bit bigger than she is.....they have the exact same color hair and neither have much of it.

Party #2

Cate playing with the presents before they're opened

Delaney showing some skin.

Gracie dug right in and chowed down

Gabby showed self restraint and used that one little finger to dig into the icing. Delish! (For anyone wondering, yes, they are wearing bikinis and grass was a luau!!)

Bennett enjoyed hanging out with Tyler T.

Scrambling for candy when the pinata came down!

I think this was their favorite gift of all (and there were a ton of gifts to choose from)...a wagon for two :) They giggled and laughed the entire time they were in there. Those Cook girls are too cute!!!

Lollipop Meet

On Friday, Bennett and Brady participated in the Lollipop swim meet at Paddler's. The meet is for all 8 & under swimmers and is very informal and fun for the little kids. Brady swam in the kickboard and freestyle race and Bennett swam in every race except backstroke (he hid from his coach when she was calling for this race!). I redeemed myself and took plenty of pictures :)
Brady smiled the entire race!

Bennett cruising down the pool

Hanging out at another swim meet

Sporting the Speedo Jammers!

He is too funny!

It was a very breezy morning...leaves were blowing off the trees into the pool. Brady won 1st place in his freestyle race!

Friday, July 17, 2009


A funny conversation I overheard while doing laundry.....

Brady: You know Bennett, if monsters kill you, they take you to the hospital and put you in a box.

Bennett: Duh Brady...I know how dead works.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Flyin' High

This morning at swim practice, Coach C. asked Bennett if he would swim in tonight's meet. I was a bit apprehensive because he joined the team just last week and has only been to three practices. Bennett told her "yes" (because, frankly, no one would dare tell Coach C. "no"). He bounced off the walls all day...talking non-stop about how nervous yet excited he was. He was scheduled to swim in two races, 25 meter freestyle and 25 meter butterfly. I would insert pictures here but I FORGOT MY CAMERA!!! That's right, me...the one who takes a zillion pictures everyday, did not get one single photo of Bennett's swimming debut. Shame on me. Anyway, he did AWESOME. Not that it matters (even though it does), he placed 3rd place in freestyle and 4th in butterfly. I could barely believe my eyes. He was so excited and Carter was so proud of him. He will also swim in next weeks meet and Coach C. sat me down and asked if she could enter him in the area championship meet on August 1. ROCK ON BENNETT!!!! I did capture this one picture that says a lot about how tough swimming is......

Calling it a least 2 hours earlier than normal!! Suh-weet!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

An All-Star Day

Today, Scott took the boys to the All-Star FanFest at America's Center. They all agreed it was one of the best days they've ever had! Cate and I stayed home and held down the fort while the boys took their turns batting against big league pitchers, fielding balls, having their own baseball cards made, and drooling over gold gloves and World Series trophies. I sent Scott with my camera and specific instructions that I wanted a lot of pictures...he came home with over 95! Good man that Scott Smallie!!

Riding the MetroLink to FanFest

Posing in front of a model of the old Busch Stadium

I was able to scan the baseball cards. They're really neat...look and feel just like the real thing

Lounging in the mock locker room

A diving catch by Carter. Once these are uploaded, I'll be able to go online and order from (Notice the severe tan line Carter has on his right thigh!!!)

Bennett batting in the cages.

Scott said everyone was going crazy when Brady was catching fly balls off the machine. He caught every one of them!! I mean, come on..he's only 4 yrs old!!!!

Brady clocking his pitching speed

Carter batting against Tim Wakefield

Cate loves the souvenir the boys brought her. Doesn't it just scream "cool"?!!!!!!!!!