Sunday, June 27, 2010

Testing 1...2...

Scott got a new video camera for Father's Day and I'm hoping it will make uploading videos a lot easier. Here is my test run....Bradys 6 & under freestyle race during Saturday mornings meet. Brady is in the second lane from the left. If you click on the bottom of the video box, you can enlarge the screen. I'm not sure how the volume works :)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

City Garden

I love that we live just six miles from downtown St. Louis. Ok, in reality it takes more like twelve minutes for us to get from our house to the arch, but you get my point..we live close. On Friday, we took the kids (minus Carter, he refused to go) to the City Garden on Market St. in the heart of downtown. Such a cool place. The kids had the best time. Yes, I'm still a little freaked out about them swimming in public fountains, but it's been over 24 hours and we've yet to experience any lingering skin infections or major illnesses, so I guess they'll survive. I did quiz the lady working about the sanitation of the water, and she assured me "it meets code", but more than likely she didn't have a clue and since the kids were already swimming, I let it go :)

Brady packed a bag of towels and swim clothes for he and Cate. Bennett was not thrilled with our trip and took the IPOD because he "was NOT going to have any fun"

Bennett looks miserable, doesn't he?!

Why do they always hold their arms like this??

DeadMan's Float~these next two pictures perfectly describe the differences between Bennett and Brady.

Bennett is very laid back, quiet, and calm, while Brady...IS NOT.

"Ooooh, the auch, the auch"~Cate

Friday, June 25, 2010

A Swimming Success!

Move over Michael Phelps. Last night was our first swim meet of the season. I was so was Brady's first meet. This is Carter's 8th year on the team...I had to do the math on that four times because I can't believe it's been that long. Brady started off this season not quite sure he wanted to do it...and then it was "I'm only going three days a week"..but once he conquered his fear of backstroke, he was totally into it. He swims in the 6 & under age group and Bennett in the 8 & under. However, because Brady rocks, Coach C put him in all 8U races...and all against Bennett. This is what made me nervous. Brady beating Bennett in a race would have sent Ben over the edge and no one wants to witness that. Turns out it was a super successful night for all three boys....Carter ended up with two firsts and three seconds...Bennett three firsts and one second...and Brady one first, one second, one fourth and he was exhibition in the backstroke.

His dive may need a little work....

Chillin' in the bullpen waiting for their events

Walking up to the blocks for the very first time :)

Cutest. Tan-Line. Ever.

Racing against one another in backstroke....they kinda look alike ;)

At practice, I only see Carter doing handstands, flips in the water, and never quite giving 100%....I was pleasantly surprised at his performance during the race. He did really great!

Lined up and waiting to cheer Carter on

"Swimmers Take Your Mark"

"GO!" This was 25 meter Freestyle...Bennett placed 1st and Brady 4th (out of 26 swimmers!)

Carter hates this picture...he was "sticking his stomach out like santa" but I love it~

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day 2010

We started Father's Day off watching Carter's 3v3 tournament was so hot. Humid, sticky, just miserable. Thankfully, the games are only 24 minutes long :) After the game, we headed to Bau Bau's for lunch and swimming. Ahhh, much better! At 6:00, we met up with my family at my parents house. A very busy, very fun day. Happy Father's Day!!
My dads garden has bloomed! I can't wait to eat all of the fruits and veggies
His grape vines are plentiful this year
Always the best tomatoes...I can't wait for my first tomato/cucumber salad
This tree is sooooo my dad. His "family ficus tree" in the foyer of their home. It's legendary.
Brady caught that poor little fish. Of course he threw it back, but it was good practice for getting fish off the hook, something he's just started doing.

Monday, June 21, 2010


Brady's hair has turned green from the swimming pool water. I mean, like, really green. We're trying to remedy the luck so far. May be time for a head shavin' party :)

3v3 Soccer

This weekend, Carter played in the KSHE- 3v3 soccer tournament in Collinsville. His team name was BEASTLY BOYS...clever, eh? Their original choice was "Sexy Beasts", but besides being a complete misrepresentation, we didn't think some parents would appreciate it :) It was so hot out at the fields but the boys did great and had a blast. I designed the shirts, thankyouverymuch
Carter scored four goals :)
During the games, Ben and Brady and some of the other siblings played their own soccer game...shirts vs. skins
The very best of friends...Carter, Zack, and Logan

Check out these pictures from their first 3v3 tournament 6 years ago!!!Carter & Zack

Logan & Carter
Future Beastly Boys...Bennett, Hunter, and Brady

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Grant's Farm

On Tuesday, we took the kids to Grant's Farm. All four kids. Yep, even Carter went. Scott's mom, grandma, Aunt Fran, and Reece joined us...we had so much fun! The rain also joined us. Lots and lots of rain. We were soaked, but still got to see all of the animals, feed the goats, ride the carousel, and watch the elephant show. A very successful day!
Looking at the Clydesdale's in their stalls


Diva Girl...she loves this hat :)

I haven't gotten a picture of all four kids together in forever!

Cate and Reece loved looking for animals during the tram ride through the park

Bennett, Cate, Reece, Brady, & Carter

These goats were vicious!


Carter got sprayed in the face with milk from the goats bottle!

Cooling off in the misting sprinkler....literally minutes before the downpour hit!

When it started raining, we were sitting under a canopy of trees and staying very dry. Slowly, the raining started closing in and before we could take cover, we were drenched!

Who doesn't love a summer rain shower?!

Filling their bellies while waiting for the rain to pass

After the first storm :) we were able to watch the elephant show

Carter was chosen from the audience to race the elephant in blowing up a balloon. The elephant won.

This creek at the entrance to Grant's Farm was bone dry when we got there. It rained hard!!!