Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Wild Wednesday, that's what today was. Had the girls over and we were blowing bubbles outside at 9am. You know it's going to be a long day when you start outside that early :)

Cate and Gabby were all smiles for me. Grace was not :)

Cate, Gabby and Grace played really great together today. They went on lots of adventures, grew a garden, took bad guys to jail, had a picnic, and did a magic show. Thankfully the weather was perfect and all of their games were played outside. Grace jumped on the "trampacheen" for what seemed like hours...laughing at herself hysterically the entire time. I raked gumballs and filled bird feeders. Spring is near!

The downside to spring is "the witching hours". Those miserable hours between 4-7 when we have nothing on the schedule and the kids are fighting, or bored, or starving and I'm trying to be their entertainment coordinator and get dinner ready. On sports practice days, the witching hours are just as terrible. Here is an example from today:

2:45-B & B home from school....twins sleeping. They head outside to play basketball. In and out in and out...slam doors...flush toilets...point is, they're loud.

3:55-girls wake up ready to go outside. 10 minute scavenger hunt for shoes, socks, sippy cups, lovies, etc.

4:30-girls go home. You would think this would lighten my load...but them leaving means I'm now mobile and there are things to do. Boo.

4:45-Make dinner...bbq pulled chicken sandwiches and steak fries on the menu tonight. Feed all four kids and clean everything up.

5:30-Ben and Brady picked up for baseball, I will meet them later

6:30-Carter picked up for soccer. I will meet him later too

6:35-Scott gets home from baseball practice. I make him a quick dinner and he is off for his Paddlers board mtg. Cate and I then leave to pick boys up from baseball.

7:45-get home from boys practice. I have a six mile run scheduled, but since Scott is not home yet, I will have to shorten it depending on when he walks in the door.

8:04-Scott walks in. I immediately head out, knowing I only have 25 minutes before Scott has to get Carter from soccer practice.

8:05-8:25-Two mile run. I figured it was better than zero miles and I'll do my six mile tomorrow night when things aren't as crazy (as if!)

8:30-Scott leaves to get Carter

9:15-Scott and Carter arrive home.

Showers, finish homework, clothes ready for tomorrow. GOODNIGHT!

Next up....Thursday=three soccer practices at exact same time, never the same place :)

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Adriane said...

And I think I'm tired. Good LORD, woman. You're my hero.