Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Random Post

Nothing too exciting going on around here. We're getting adjusted to the school year schedule...so far so good. Here are some highlights and random pictures...

  • soccer season is in full swing. Carter's team practices three times a week, Brady and Bennett's teams practice twice a week. Games start next weekend.

  • you didn't misread that...Bennett has decided to play soccer. Goodbye $500.

  • I read a book. Took me three days. Reminds me of the good ole days before I had too many kids. Very inspirational book about running. Weird, I know.

  • Carter gushed to me for 30 minutes last night about how much he loves Scott's history class. "even the kids that usually sleep in the other classes love it and ask questions all hour".

  • One of Carter's friends, Demetrius, dad died in a motorcycle accident last week. So sad.

  • Scott is giving up his girls softball coaching job and taking the JV boys baseball team job. Pros: Starting next year, we will have kids in the baseball program for lots of years to come (I can't come up with the real math on how many years that is) Cons: requires lots more time than softball job.

  • Pool closes in six days. Totally stinks but ready for cooler weather.

  • Cate is only wearing her pwincess jammies dwess a few hours a day now.

  • Cate hasn't had a pacifier in five days. I think she's done with them. That would be 2-3 YEARS earlier than her brothers gave them up.

  • We're going to the Grizzlies baseball game tonight.

  • That's all I've got...enjoy some pictures :)

Carter ready to blow out his birthday candle. We only had the number "1" so I told him it just means he's #1.

Maddox came to the party. Looks like a Smallie baby to me :)

Cate loves her cheer poms (orange for Illini) and princess sunglasses

My parents are taking over (kind of?) the Old Six Mile Museum. Which means, we're all involved. I think my new title is 'Director of Marketing and Advertising'

Brady loves this old army hat on display at the museum.

Took a quick trip to the zoo Sunday morning before heading to Fran's to celebrate Uncle Mike's early birthday. He is leaving for France on Thursday for a five-week trip...to study French.
I found Brady practicing his "tree" yoga pose in the bird house.

They loved watching this penguin swim by really fast and splash

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Progression of the Argument

"Mothers of Teenagers Know Why Animals Eat Their Young"

Raising a teenager is no joke. Yes, I've only been at it for 22 days, but the changes are becoming very apparent. It's going to be a long road...(did I mention Scott and I will have at least one teenager in the house for the next 17 years?!) Undeniably, the worst part for me has been trying to adjust to Carter's "improved" argument tactics. Let me explain....

Back when Carter was just a wee little lad (4-5 years old) and he would get mad, he would yell "Kick Stuff Throw Stuff". This was pretty much the extent of his meltdowns. Scott and I thought it was hilarious and even to this day when we get mad, we yell "Kick Stuff Throw Stuff". Fast forward a few years and Carter became more predictable (and vocal) when he was really mad. "Nobody cares about me", "I hate everyone", "You are the worst parents ever"...blah blah blah. Very typical, normal behavior. Scott and I rarely let it bother us and both knew that his anger would soon pass and we'd have our happy Carter back :)

Oh how I miss those days. Carter's current argument strategy sucks. I don't know how else to describe it. I'm way out of my league with this and that really freaks me out. I seriously have to figure out a way to deal with this stupid teenager stuff before Carter gets the upperhand. Let me give you an example...

Me:Going off about a bad decision Carter has made

Carter: Mom, don't you think you're taking this just a little too far? I'm sure if you step back and really think about it, you'll realize that you're overexaggerating the entire situation. No one got hurt, nothing bad happened, it's really not that big of a deal. Yelling at me isn't going to change what's already happened. I think you should just calm down and we can talk about this later. Remember what you always tell me "the minute you raise your voice, your words lose all meaning"

What a load of B.S. I may have bought into it if it weren't for the slight smirk on his face. And throwing my own saying in there?? That really pissed me off. (Although I have to admit that I'm impressed he could quote me verbatim) Oh, and by bad decision, we're talking about he and his two bff's making bombs in Logan's backyard and setting them off in Zack's hands...how can I overexaggerate that???? I don't know why, but when we argue, I'd rather him scream and cry...for some reason that makes me feel much better :) This -throwing some big words together in a calm voice with a slight smile on his face and turning everything around to make it seem like it's just me being crazy and unreasonable - is a bunch of crap. I wish I could go back to the "Kick Stuff Throw Stuff" days. Guess it's time for me to start researching and reading about "how to talk to and discipline your teenage son". Sounds fun, right?!

All that being said, I'm absolutely loving Brady's answer to being angry. When he is really really mad about something he yells at me and Scott "You guys are being such hoosiers". LOVE IT :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Now that we have the boys in school, there's plenty of quality girls-only time for Cate, Gracie, and Gabby. Yesterday, I took them swimming...they love the water :)

Concentrating big time on blowing bubbles!

Cate loves to do "backstroke"

Cate and Gabby were looking for ants :)

It's not easy getting a group picture...Grace was being goofy and Gabby was a bit tired. But, do I have Cate trained or what?!

Sharing their favorite pool snack...soft pretzel and cheese

Today the weather was a perfect 82 degrees! They jumped on the trampoline for what seemed like hours. Yes, Cate is still wearing her princess jammies....non-stop for six days now. I can't even talk about it.

These last two pictures of Grace crack me up. She's crazy!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Catie B.

Brady's teacher told me about a very funny conversation she had with him this week....they were talking about middle names

Mrs. K- What is your sisters middle name?
Brady thinks about it for a long time before he answers
Mrs. K- Her middle name is Bug?
Mrs. K-What is her full name?
Brady- Catie Bug Smallie

Absolutely hilarious!!!

Let's Review

Lots going on this past week. First full week of school under our belt and I think it's going to be a great school year. I'm totally over packing three lunches every morning, but I only have to do it 170ish more times before next summer :)
Bennett and Brady's school had a "cruise day" this week and they were able to wear tropical/Hawaiian style shirts. I don't remember exactly what the story is behind this themed day, but they were both excited to wear something other than uniforms. Brady also got to experience his first school-wide assembly. Big-time stuff. Doesn't Bennett look thrilled that I'm taking his picture??

Cate has worn this "pwincess jammies dwess" for three days straight. Literally. She did take it off tonight to go swimming, but it's back on already.

Carter rode his bike to school for the first time on Friday. He met Zack a few blocks from our house and they rode together. Zack's mom followed them the whole way :) Scott told me on Friday that he loves having Carter is class "but it's weird when he raises his hand to answer something and I have to call on him" HA!

Carter was accepted into the National Junior Honor Society....way to go Carter!!!!!
On Thursday, I attended the grand opening of the very cool store I.O. Met.ro with Aunt Fran and Elaine....and Vern Y.ip was there! FYI, his hair is huge (and mine was 12 weeks past due for a haircut, which of course my appt was the next morning) He was very nice and answered all of my design questions about moving Cate and Brady into the same room (more on that at a later time) . Great store, great dinner, great company!!

Friday was Carter's BFF Logan's 13th birthday and we celebrated at The Loading Dock in Grafton. The weather was perfect for an outside dinner on the river.

Cate stole my soda and hid on the other side of the deck.
Logan, Cole, Zack, Carter, Brady, Bennett, and Hunter.

They thought it would be funny to take a picture pretending to fall in the river...and then they almost did. Knuckleheads.
Today we went to Bennett's friends birthday party and Brady's kindergarten asst. teacher was there. She told me that Brady is a great leader in class and they depend on him a lot to help out with his classmates. She also said that he ties shoes for everyone all day long and two of the girls untie their shoes as soon as they walk into the classroom just so he will tie them :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Christmas Card Picture 2010???

Bennett said "we put the fun in dysfunctional"

Monday, August 16, 2010

Random Monday Stuff

So, my first few days home with Cate have been very productive. I didn't realize how much easier it would be with Brady in school with Bennett. That's only one drop off in the morning and then a SIX hour stretch of freedom. There's a lot to be done in six hours. Today we vacuumed and washed the car, cleaned out the fridge and freezer, gave Murphy a bath, 8 loads of laundry, a trip to Walmart and the post office, made two meals, cleaned two meals, and cleaned up the living room at least six times (she's a tornado).

Everything was going great til Cate decided to dress herself to go pick up the boys after school. When I got out of the shower, she had on a dress, a coat, her hello kitty socks, and flip flops. I know there are battles that aren't worth fighting but the socks vs. flip flops is something I feel very strongly about. However, because it was warm outside, I refused to let her wear the coat and I compromised on the socks issue. I'm saving this for highschool yearbook material.

After school Bennett had an appt to get his haircut.
He asked Tasha to cut it like his favorite soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo

And she did a great job. I love the new cut....super short but just a bit longer up top so he can "fix" it. Definitely not going to miss his long, curly, over-chlorinated, crunchy summer hair :)

When Tasha cuts Scotts hair on Wednesday, I'm hoping she goes with something more like this for him.....bow chicka wow wow!
While Scott and Cate were watching Barney, he yelled for me to come and take a picture "of them being cute together" Dorks!

Have a Happy Tuesday!

Fever Pitch

Yesterday, Bennett guest played for a baseball team in a tournament in Kirkwood. It was hot. I mean, really really hot. And we were there from 7:45am-5:4pm. That's 10 hours. And did I mention it was really hot? But in our house, sports trump common sense, so we (and six of our craziest family members) baked in the sun while Bennett did what he loves to do most...play ball. It was his very first time playing kid-pitch and he even got to pitch a few innings. Unfortunately, being a guest player, he had to borrow a uniform, and his jersey had "Riley" on the back :)

Kid-pitch is so different from machine pitch. It's "real" baseball now and there's a lot for Bennett to learn. Stealing, pick-offs, lead-offs...it's a whole new ballgame :) And he did something yesterday that he's never done before. He struck out. First time in six years. For real. Not once in the last six years has he ever struck out. Amazing, I know. And he handled it like a champ...I was very proud of him .

His first pick-off.

Congrats Bennett!!!