Friday, March 18, 2011

Zoo-tastic Weather!

Yesterday, Cate and I spent a lovely day at the zoo. The weather was perfect. Although, I had no idea the Stl St. Pat's Parade was next to the zoo and I really had no idea it was such a huge deal. Took me forever to get through Forest Park...the front parking lot of the zoo was filled with tailgaters. Old drunk men were directing traffic with beers in both hands....crazy! Our usual 14 minute trip took almost an hour, but Cate was very patient and was just so happy to be going! Once inside, the crowd was very small...guess those zillion people were headed to the parade only. We had lunch outside by the lake and leisurely strolled through all of Cate's favorite exhibits. The Childrens zoo has a new toddler play area with small sheds, rakes, wheelbarrows...very farm-like and Cate could have spent the entire day there. She quickly made a friend and they played inside one of the "houses" for a long time. While sitting on a bench sunning myself, I let time slip away and we barely made it back before the boys got home from school!
The entire time she was eating her "polka dots ice cream" she said over and over "I wish my Bwady was here with me". She really misses him when he's at school.

She used some of her birthday money to buy a mama and baby monkey at Build-A-Bear.

Cate loves the meerkats but their house was in major need of a scrub down...STINKY!

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