Sunday, May 30, 2010

First Days of Summer

Summer has arrived! Scott and the kids are off til August! Paddlers has opened! Let the fun begin!

Friday morning, we met our friends Alex and Lisa and their son Harrison at the zoo.

Harrison is just 12 weeks older than Cate, but so much bigger! Of course his dad is like 6'4" and Cate's dad, not :)
This was Cate's favorite part of the trip. "Oh gosh...Birdy eat frog...Birdy eat frog!!!"

Bennett at the GC Warriors highschool regional baseball game (they won..both!) He has a bug bite under his left eye that has left him looking like he has a black eye.

Cate playing checkers (against herself) at Cracker Barrel. She won.

Heading to Paddlers for the first swim of the season.

You know you're spoiled when your teenage brother AND his friend will play Dora the Explorer with you in the baby pool.

I also ran my second 5K this weekend. It was rough! I actually ran a better time than my first 5K, but it was so much harder! Heat and humidity are no fun to run in. I'm running again in two weeks...should be even hotter..ugh.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Monkey Bars

Brady is the most determined kid I know. We were at the park Friday for Scott's softball regional crap and he was not leaving until he made it across the monkey bars without falling. Took him a few times but he refused to give up!

Mission Accomplished!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

We're Getting There.....

Every day we're getting closer to a real ponytail! All of a sudden Cate's hair is like a chia pet...growing out of control. And it's naturally curly which means that on super humid days it gets bigger and bigger :) But, I'm not complaining....I've waited two years for her hair to come in!
1st attempt-March 2009
(I told her Delaney always wears worked for about an hour)Of course she prefers to wear a ball cap to keep the hair out of her eyes *sigh*
One day soon, she's going to be sporting the cutest pigtails...and she's going to like it!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Water Babies

Summer has arrived and with it, hot and humid weather. Perfect for running through the sprinkler and splashing in the baby pool. Gabby and Gracie were over today and the girls loved playing in the water. Reminded me of last summer...this picture from last July cracks me up..they've grown up so much!!!
Gabby, Gracie, and Cate-Summer 2009

Catie Bug

Miss Grace


This picture best represents these two girls. Grace is so mischievous and is always taking things from Gabby...and Gabby does not find her amusing at all :)
Grace quickly cleared everyone out of the pool with her big splashes...and she was very happy to have it all to herself :)

Cate and her froggy towel

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fish Tales

Today we took the kids to Aunt "Kaffy" and Uncle Kenny's new weekend getaway. They bought a lot in a campground and have a nice lakeside retreat to relax at on the weekends. There are several ponds throughout the campground and the clubhouse has an inground pool and playground. The boys really love being there and they expect to spend a lot of time there this summer :) We fished at three different ponds and everyone caught a ton of fish...which makes it way more fun. Cate caught the first and Brady the most. Scott, Kenny, and Jon were kept busy re-baiting and freeing fish from hooks.

Cate thought her fish was "stinky yucky" and when Scott threw it back in the water she kept saying "where my fishy go?"

Brady won't touch the fish yet...thankfully Jon is very patient and willing to do the dirty work for him!
Brady, Bennett, Jon, and Josh
Scott was too busy with the boys poles to get to fish much himself...he doesn't seem real thrilled with this catch :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Annie's Graduation

Today, our niece Annie, graduated highschool. Seems like we've been celebrating Ann a lot lately....Prom...May Carousel...Senior Night...Graduation. Anyway, it was the perfect morning for a senior graduation and all of "Ann's Fans" were there to cheer her on.
You didn't think I'd have an entire post for Annie without a picture of Cate, did you??

Waiting to walk across the stage

"I did it! Didn't trip AND they pronounced my name right!!!"
Me and Jen with Annie...the best aunts ever! When Jen and I were sophmores in highschool, we introduced her brother to my sister and they ended up getting married!! So, not only are we best friends, we're also Aunts to Annie and Jon :)

The boys and Jake