Sunday, August 24, 2014

the beach!

The Coop Troop (Bennett, Brady, Conor and Macie +Cate) were back at it again for a fieldtrip to the beach.  Carlyle style. 1 hour drive, plenty of sand and sun...perfect day trip for this crew!
We had never been to Carlyle to swim so Scott plugged the address in to our GPS.  In true S.S. fashion, he simply entered "Carlyle IL" and it dumped us onto a back road in the middle of a corn field.  After a half hour of "everyone look out your window for a big lake", we finally made it. 


 It was a great "beach" with calm water and plenty of room to play.  The surrounding parks and pavilions were super nice and it's probably a trip we'll take every summer. Any day in the water is a good day :)

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Friday, August 22, 2014


I blame this new blog layout on Angela.  She was pressuring me to post something new and then I started messing around with the layout and next thing you know, everything is messed up.  I do like the option to enlarge my pictures, but I need to work on the extra crap.  I'll get around to it...eventually.  And Ang...this counts at post #2 for tonight!

fieldtrip friday

We created a summer bucket list and somehow it got labeled "Field Trip Friday" and somehow Macie and Conor were on the guest list ;-) Trevor too!  For our first FTF, we headed to Alton to see the Locks and Dam, Bird Sanctuary and the Robert Wadlow statue. Weather was great and the kids all had a fun time.
lunch by the river!

Bennett realized he could hear his echo.  Like what this world needs is twice the screaming from him...

found our house on the huge map
"look guys, I'm Kanye and Kim's daughter North West!"  Conor watches way too much E!
we made it in time to see a barge come through

There's a cool water feature in front of the building and before we could stop him, Trevor went all in


After the L&D, we headed to the bird sanctuary to burn off some energy. The shoreline was filled with fish skeletons which everyone thought was pretty cool


Our final stop was at the Robert Wadlow statue...aka "Alton Giant"...aka cousin Robert.  That's right, we are related to the tallest man in the world ----> my Grandma, Dorothy Wadlow, and Robert were cousins.  Pretty awesome, right?! Brady had been asking to see this statue for months.  Once he found out there was a family connection, he researched R.W. and asked a zillion questions about his life, etc... he was still shocked to see how tall he really was...and how big his shoes were!
Cate: "I love that he has this pole to dance with".  Oh boy.

 Our final final stop was to Dairy Queen for ice cream and with that, our first FTF was complete!

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