Monday, June 29, 2009


Tonight Brady had a t-ball game and he played awesome! This is definitely not the same nervous boy that cried before his first game. He hit the ball to the outfield every time and caught a pop fly!!!
Perfect form. I think. Right leg extended, left knee bent, left arm extended. I can't remember what else makes up the perfect swing...I lost interest after Scott explained that much. My point is, this is what the perfect swing looks like!! (at least in my eyes!)

Running to first base

Heading for third base. Brady is a very fast runner. He definitely holds his own during the races always being held in our backyard. He can for sure beat Bennett in a foot race (which is why Ben has perfected his batting skills. He kills the ball and then doesn't have to sprint to base. That Bennett is a smart boy!) Brady often passes his own players around the base.

I may have promised I wouldn't post this picture, but how could I not? I mean, who doesn't want to kick Bennett's butt (literally)?? Sophie loves to harass Ben whenever she gets the chance, and Ben loves to pretend he doesn't like it!!

Snuck a treat from Grammy. Ewwww sticky!

Caught a pop-fly. Game over! YAY BRAY!!!

Celebrating at Paddlers after the game. The kids think we take them so they can play with their friends....Scott thinks it's so they can release energy before bed...the real reason...BATH TIME! I get out of dealing with two showers and two baths with a simple dip in the pool! Saves time and my water bill. Granted, their skin is getting rather dry, and their hair a little crisp...but it's summer, what the heck!!!

Nothing like a bowl of popcorn to finish off a great night. Note: This is not another bad parenting moment...regardless of what it looks like. She is laying down because she just lost the tug-o-war over the bowl. Brady won. She is pouting a bit til she realizes that a) everyone is watching and she can finish the dramatics or b) she would rather eat the popcorn and join Brady upright on the couch to finish the bowl off. In reality..she gave him a swift kick to his stomach (notice her left leg already very close to its target), sat up, yelled a few words that thankfully we can't understand yet, and then shared the rest of the bowl with him.

Note from the editor (me)...I'm obviously still working on Photoshop editing. My "instruction book" is over 600 pages, so I've got a long way to go before I figure anything out. I have signed up for a class to get a hands-on learning experience. Until then, I continue to play with pictures and backgrounds....none as good as I'd like...but there's potential!!

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Jen said...

As I was reading this I thought, "Wow, she's doing a great job with Photoshop". No need for the editor's note - it looks awsome!