Wednesday, July 1, 2009

An Evening By The Pool

Most evenings you can find us at the pool. Last night was a little breezy but the kids didn't seem to mind. It's rarely crowded in the evenings and Scott and I enjoy sitting on the pool deck chatting while the kids wear themselves out.

Opening the gate to the baby pool

Whoops...locked herself out

Hmmm...I know these aren't mine, but.....

"'s warm"

Washing herself off with the stolen bucket


Bennett trying to get away from the "1-9" girls. This group of girls (Carter's friends) are literally at the pool from 1-9 everyday. Reminds me of me and my girls back in the day!!!


They've found another Smallie Boy!

But this one got away

She's done.

A bag of popcorn makes everything better

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