Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Yet Another Trip to the Zoo

I know...we're crazy. Seems like we spend more time at the zoo than at home (which is very similar to a zoo). Anyway, on Sunday, Uncle Josh took Bennett to the Cardinals game for his birthday present. We let Brady choose what he wanted to do. We hinted (big time) that the City Museum would be a great choice, but he didn't agree and insisted on going to the zoo. Great. Carter was with his dad, so it was just the four of us. Weird, very weird. Scott and I kept commenting on how strange it was to only have two kids and how different (and calm) life would be. Two kids...come on...that's too easy...where's the challenge in that?!?! Ha! Anyway, I promise I won't post every time we go to the zoo, but I did capture a few great moments.

I love this picture. Brady is the best big brother. He is always so patient with Cate and really takes care of her. She loves him so much!

This picture is SO Brady! He really didn't want to touch the lizard, but he worked up the courage to tap it with that one little finger!

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AshleyD said...

Deb this blog is too cute! I have one too but I hardly update it. :) I should with all the wedding planning I'll be doing soon! Your family is adorable. :)