Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Magical Day.....

Well, not really, but we did make it to the Magic House on Monday. After waking up to yet another rainy day, Scott decided we were not staying home all day. I thought since the kids have never been to the Magic House, it was a good time to check it out. We waited til afternoon to go, thinking it would be less crowded. The ticket lady assured me it was less crowded than that morning, I just don't see how that was possible. Jam-packed is how I would describe it. Loud, crazy, kids everywhere. We were happy that at least our crew wouldn't stand out.

"Why would you think I was drinking the water?"
Um, because it's dripping off your chin!!

Brady helping Cate in the "Once Upon A Time" room

Carter drawing Ben's silhouette

Bennett having his profile drawn

Ta-da! It's Bennett

Posing to have their shadows freeze on the wall

How could you go to the Magic House and not have your picture taken with the Electrostatic Generator??

Out of the zillion exhibits, this was Cate's favorite. Two stairs. She could have played on them all day.

Sign read "Rule 1. Feet First"


Lots of Catie Bugs

Jack and the Beanstalk climber

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