Saturday, June 20, 2009

Boogie For Babies

Tonight we attended the annual Nurses for Newborns - Boogie for Babies charity fundraiser at Grant's Farm. Aunt Fran is a board member with NFN and invites us every year to"Boogie" with her. It is always so much fun and the kids really look forward to it. The night starts with a tram ride through deer park to see the animals, then dinner and dancing under the stars in the Bauernhof Courtyard (I think that's what it is called). The weather was perfect, the kids were very well behaved, and we all had a fabulous time!

"I have arrived...let the fun begin"

Isn't this the cutest dress ever?!?!

Bennett, Carter, Brady, Scott, and Cate in front of the Clydesdale Stables

Me, Cate, Brady, and Bau Bau on the tram.

Yelling at the poor pony, Dolly.

It wouldn't be a successful night without Carter getting his picture taken with the Rams Cheerleaders.

Now them are some green eyes!!

Petting a Clydesdale

Carter, Bennett, Brady, and cousin Reese

Mmm Mmm Good!

SmashBand played. The kids enjoyed watching everyone dance. They joined in on "Jump" by VanHalen. Cate loved it when Carter threw her in the air. She wanted him to do it over and over again. His arms finally gave out.

Now this is a great big brother. Carter took Cate onto the dance floor and she loved dancing with him. However, she's got some funky moves. This one here is a lot like an 80's Jane Fonda workout video move. Everyone was laughing so hard at her. She really got into it though!

The boys won an autographed hockey stick in the silent auction (thanks Fran!!). Just so happens, the pro himself, Jamal Mayers...formerly of the Blues, currently of the Toronto Maple Leafs...was in attendance and I snapped a picture with him and their signed stick. The boys were awestruck!

Riding the tram back to our car. What a great night!!

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sls said...

Cute pics. Please tell me Kate is not dancing in the squeaky shoes though. We ran into a pair at Disney and they followed us all over Epcot. We could not get away from the sqeak!!!