Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Put Me In Coach, I'm Ready To Play...NOT!

Monday night, Brady had his first official t-ball game. He was dressed and ready to go by 8:45 AM! All of the stars magically aligned and everyone in our family was able to attend. And I mean everybody....17 family members to be exact. When we arrived at the field, Brady warmed up with Scott and everything was going great. Our team was up to bat first, and the kids were to line up on the bench. That's when I saw the tears. Uh-oh. Huge tears. Hysterical cries. This boy clearly did not want to play. I couldn't believe it. He has been waiting for this his entire life! I let him sit on my lap and cry while the kids started to bat. He was last on the line-up and I waited until it was his turn before I walked him to the bench, grabbed his helmet, and walked him to the tee. I knew if we let him sit out the first game, he'd never go back. Poor guy...he looked so sad! However, years of practice had prepared him for that moment, and he rocketed a line drive past the infield. Brady cleared the bases with a huge smile on his face and giant cheers from "his crowd". When his team took the field, he was still unsure about all of it. He played catch with his brothers for a bit and then joined the team. After the first full inning, Brady was happy as can be. When we got home that night, he made me wash his uniform and was back in it first thing Tuesday morning. I think he's asked me "how many more days til my next game?" a zillion times!
Hiding behind his daddy. His sad little face breaks my heart!

Walking to the tee

What a hit!!!

Playing catch with Bennett and Carter

Brady's biggest fan.

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