Friday, June 12, 2009

Cate Goes to the Doctor

Today was Cate's 15 month Dr's appt...well-check visit. We actually got to sit on the "well child" side for the first time in a long time :) She turned 16 months on Tuesday, so we are a month behind...screw it. Anyhoo, her appt was at 1pm. That means, first appt. following office lunch hour. Full, rejuvenated, happy nurses and doctor. Brilliant, I know. We sat in the waiting room for a full 30 seconds before being called back. Happy Nurse took Cate's temperature (98.1), measured her head...I have no idea what the number was. Height...again, I can't remember. Something in the high 20's. The scale showed a whopping 21 pounds. Porker. Puts her in the 15-20% for height and weight. Dr. W came in and checked ears, nose, mouth...poked around a bit and declared her perfect. She went through her list of tricks for him...all of her words, clapping, peek-a-boo, "how big is Cate?", "where's your nose, belly, feet, etc."...just like a good little circus animal. They even paraded her through the nurses station to show everyone how well she jumps. This is her new trick. One she is praised for by her brothers. She screams "WATCH", they all do, and then she jumps. It could go on for hours and often does. Spoiled? Um, yes. We were both blindsided by her having to get one shot today. I should really keep up on knowing these things, but, well...screw it. So, after her exam was over, I got her fully dressed, loaded everything up, nurse walked in, gave her the shot, and I immediately picked her up and we walked out the door. No time to realize what was going on = NO TEARS. Brilliant..again. Next appointment is at 18 months (which really means 19 months for me). After that, no more shots til kindergarten!!!!!

Thankfully, she didn't show Dr. W this favorite "trick"

She has started covering only her mouth when playing "Where's Cate?" I assume it's because she's nosey and doesn't want to miss anything that's going on.

Cate did not start laughing out loud until just recently. No belly laughs when she was a baby...nothing. And we tried everything. However, all of a sudden, she finds everything hysterical. She laughs all of the time. Her sweet laugh was worth the wait!!

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