Friday, June 5, 2009

Fun Friday Night

Tonight we headed to Highland to enjoy a lazy evening with our friends Alex and Lisa. They and their son Harrison, recently bought a home and 30 acres of land in Highland. Behind their house, there is a stocked pond and the boys were ready to fish. Harrison is three months older than Cate, and they wandered the yard, played with the dogs, and watched the boys fish. The weather was perfect and we had a really great time.

Alex, Bennett, Carter, Brady, and Scott fishing
Harrison admiring Brady and Bennett's fish'. Everyone caught at least ten fish...they were even catching them without bait on the hooks!
Cate trying to get her hands on the fishing gear

Bennett and one of the labs

Lisa helping Carter get the fish off the hook. He was a bit freaked out about the larger fish and getting stung or whatever fish do when they're pissed about being caught by a hook through their mouth.

Alex taking the boys for a ride on the Rhino....their favorite part of the night!

Following her brothers up a rock wall...she made it too. No fear.

This place was made for Brady....ponds, lots of land, barns, cool tractors...he was in heaven!

Cate being ornery and trying to keep Harrison out of his wagon. She finally relented and we went for a nice walk
But, of course, like any high maintenance girl, she had to keep stopping to adjust everything...put the seats up, then back down, switch places, etc. I'm surprised he didn't just throw her over.

Their second ride...or maybe the third..or fourth...or fifth You get the idea.

That is one tired baby.

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