Thursday, June 25, 2009

Carter's Night in the Pool

Another night of double posts...I must be obsessed (actually just waiting for my sleeping pills to kick in)

Tonight Carter had his first swim meet of the season. It was an away meet at SSH in E'ville. Their pool is really small with no where for Ben and Brady to hang out, so Scott graciously (rolling my eyes) offered to stay home with Cate and the boys while I took Carter to the meet. Turns out, while I was frying on the pool deck, Scott and the kids were splashing around at Paddlers. Figures. Even through the 1oo degree weather, sweat soaked clothes, and smelly teenage kids surrounding me, I still think I got the best end of the deal. Carter swam great , the meet was well run and we arrived home much earlier than I had expected.

Waiting for his first was so hot.

His first race was the 11-12 medley relay. As you can see in this picture, his teammate C.H. is standing behind Carter...they are almost the same height...because Carter is standing on the tall starting block! Apparently, some boys hit their growth spurts around the age of 11...obviously, this isn't the issue with Carter. C.H already has a two feet lead when they jump in the pool!! It's great when they're swimming relays together, however, doesn't work out so well for Carter when they swim against each other!!!!

Swimming the I.M. (Individual medley-four laps-butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle) I recorded the first leg of his race on video-butterfly

Next is backstroke

Breaststroke - I assume that is a reflection of Carter on the bottom of the pool next to the lane line, but it kinda looks like an alligators head or some sort of creature. Of course, I did take my sleeping pills 20 minutes ago, so I could be way off here..but I think I see eye balls!!

Freestyle and he's done with the race. Great job Carter!

This last video is his 50yd butterfly race. Butterfly has always been his strongest stroke. And tonight he won the race. GREAT JOB!!

Carter is leaving for Orlando on Saturday to enjoy a vacation with his dad, step-mom, and sister. He won't be back until next Sunday, July 5. He is really looking forward to it, especially the water parks. I expect him to be exhausted and very tan next Sunday when he arrives home. Just in time for his swim meet on Monday!

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Adriane said...

Go Carter!!!! Great video - his butterfly is impressive!