Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Fun

Ok, so I lied. I am not going to have a Father's Day post finished by today. My scanner pooped out on me, so it'll have to wait. In the meantime, enjoy some summer pics of the kids.
Note: Most of the pictures are of Cate, however, this does not mean she is my favorite. It just means that I'm tired of taking pictures of the boys playing baseball, which is all they ever do. Oh, and she's cuter :)She loves playing in the hose. We have to change her at least three times a day due to her water obsession!

Carter at last nights game. It was so stinkin' hot. He was obviously not having a great time

Making sure she stays hydrated

Who needs a swimsuit?! She loves her pool. Ok, it's not really a pool. More like an over-sized dog bowl...but she still loves it :)


Perfect sitting position...I wonder if he meant to do this

Hanging out with her friends in the baby pool

Cate snuck onto Brady's field yesterday during his tee ball game. She loves the dirt!

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