Saturday, May 2, 2009

Swimming and a Parade

Last night (Friday) we took the kids (minus Carter of course) swimming at the Y in E'ville. I've been a little panicked that Cate may not love the pool like she did last, I thought we'd give it a test run before Paddlers opens in 3 weeks (yikes). Once in the water, Cate was happy as can be and splashed and played the entire time. Brady and Ben are both great swimmers, and I'm hoping they'll join the swim team this year. Realistically, there's no way Ben will, but Brady is a possibility..he can already swim the length of the pool, he's just nervous about practices. Carter doesn't have a choice, he's on the team.

Today was Bennett and Carter's park district baseball parade. The parade is always the Saturday before games start. Which means...this start. Brady plays on Monday nights, Bennett plays on Wednesday and Fridays, and Carter plays on Monday and Wednesdays. Scott's softball games for today were canceled and he was able to walk in the parade. We can't find Carter's uniform anywhere so he was the only one on the team not wearing a uniform..go figure. Cate and I sat near the end of the parade route so we could join the teams at the ceremony following the parade. She was sound asleep til Officer ( drove by and blared her siren at us. Cate nearly jumped out of her stroller. She wanted out and sat on the curb watching everyone walk by and chased candy til her bucket was full!

May look like a noose, but it's just her jacket!

Only two kids that did not throw us candy

And I quote "oh my gosh guys, there's my little sister..Cate, Cate, Cate"

Brandon, Carter, Jake

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