Monday, May 25, 2009

I Survived....

A weekend trip with my kids. Actually, it was a lot of fun. Boys had a blast and Cate was perfect. In fact, I don't remember her crying a single tear. Our parenting style of keeping to zero schedules really paid off this weekend. We didn't have to plan anything around Cate's naps because she adapts so well with whatever we're doing. Carter had four soccer games in three days, so we had a lot of down time to hang out at the hotel and enjoy the city.

We're on our way

Cate fell asleep within ten minutes of being on the road

Playing baseball at a rest stop...the boys can't go two hours without throwing the ball around!

Cate hanging out at the rest area

Entertaining everyone with a game of "Where's Cate?"

Eating dinner Friday night...Zack, Logan, Carter, and Zach

They found a girls soccer team :) Lord, help me. I'm not ready for this!

Getting ready to swim..the ground was really slippery

Carter making another bad decision.

Game #1 We won 2-1

Cate seriously played with her stroller throughout all of the games. Best money I ever spent!

Game #3 We won 3-1

Kyle and Carter with the dance team girls at the Wizards game Saturday night.

Hunter, Bennett, and Brady enjoying pre-game activities

Daddy and Cate waiting for Carter to come out onto the field

Carter's team received Wizards uniforms and were introduced with the team and stood with them during the National Anthem...very cool

Playing in the hallway. The hotel was super nice and they put our entire team on the same floor. We didn't have to worry about bothering our neighbors and the kids ran around and played soccer all night.

Miz Nosy pulling her suitcase to see what Brady was mad about

Helping with the luggage...or not

Championship game. It rained the entire game...very sloppy field. We lost 4-2.

Waiting for his second place trophy. Soaked and filthy..makes for a great ride home.

Brady didn't stop talking the entire ride to KC or home...he finally fell asleep 10 minutes before we pulled into our driveway!

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