Friday, May 8, 2009

Brady's "Shurgery"

My poor Brady had his tonsils/adenoids removed yesterday. Not because of endless bouts with strep throat, but because of his snoring. Loud, keep-everyone up, kind of snoring. And he stops breathing...diagnosed as obstructive sleep apnea. At first, I thought snoring was something he has inherited from me (my mom, Grandpa Joe....), but when I referenced our Toddler 411 book, I found out just how dangerous it can be. I bypassed a visit to our pediatrician because I figured he'd either 1)blow it off or 2)refer us to an ENT. Because our insurance doesn't require referrals and we're on a first name basis with our ENT, I decided to just make Brady an appt with Dr. Fi.erstein. 30 seconds into the first office visit, he concluded it's the tonsils and adenoids and both must be removed. Wonderful. So, yesterday was surgery (as well as my birthday) and we headed to Children's at 6:30am. Children's Hospital is really the place to be. We've been to other area hospitals..many times... but nothing compares to Children's. From the parking attendants to nurses, everyone goes above and beyond to take care of the patients and their families. Brady really hasn't said much leading up to his surgery and once we arrived at the hospital, we tried to keep him as busy as possible. He and Scott put together a puzzle and Star Wars Le.go ship.
I requested he receive an oral sedation medicine to relax him before they took him back to the operating room. This seemed to help his nerves and once he was loopy, they rolled him away without protest. 30 minutes later, Dr. F came back to say that Brady did great, surgery was over and we will be able to see him in recovery soon. 15 minutes after that, we headed back to see Brady. He was just waking up and was a bit disoriented. There are two things we heard from every nurse and doctor we met...Brady's tonsils were HUGE, and his pain tolerance is amazing. He never shed one tear. He was brought back to his original room and was able to take a 90 minute nap before we left. He is such a great patient!!! Back home, he was really tired and sore, but occasionally would sit out on the front porch to watch Cate "pull weeds". Today he is feeling a bit worse...has a headache and sore throat. The worst part is that Brady is so sad! I hate seeing him this's breaking my heart! I'm thinking tomorrow he'll turn the corner towards recovery and then he'll be good as new.

Daddy reading directions for the Lego ship


One and only "melt down".....he fought back the tears, but was getting a bit scared

Medicine kicking in and starting to get sleepy

Post-Surgery. All done and hanging with his pelican webkinz

Showing off his IV..still has no clue needles were involved

Getting ready to put together a puzzle with daddy

Seriously, he had just thrown up four times. Felt much better I guess!

Ready to leave the hospital...looking pretty good!

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