Sunday, May 31, 2009

"The Urinator"

From the minute Brady was rolled out of his tonsils surgery, every nurse, doctor, parent, grandparent, and aunt have been lecturing him about the importance of drinking a lot of fluids to help his throat heal. Then, because he wasn't feeling good and refused to drink, he ended up back in the hospital dehydrated. Again, everyone went on and on about how important it was for him to drink as much as possible. This time he listened. Brady has gone above and beyond...he drinks 'til he can't drink no more. And I have a foul odor in my house to prove it...urine. Because of his massive intake of liquid, he now pees all the time. And I mean, ALL of the time. In his sleep on his bed (or ours), napping on the couch, outside get the picture. Yesterday, he ran in the house headed for the bathroom and didn't make it..he left a nice trail from my front door to the potty. We're trying to convince him that he doesn't have to drink as much anymore, but he has it in his head that if he stops he will end up back in the hospital. So, until he realizes he's fully healed, I'll follow him around with a tub of Clorox wipes and a bottle of Febreze. The culprit.

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Adriane said...

Dude, please no peeing in the pool, Brady! :-)