Wednesday, May 6, 2009

An Evening in the Park

Monday night, Carter had soccer practice and because his two car-pool friends are sick, I had to take and pick-up. Blah. He practices at SIUE, so it's just a tad bit inconvenient. Scott had softball, so I was forced to drag all of the kids with me. After we dropped Carter off, I took Ben, Brady, and Cate to Gl.ik Park to release some energy....the weather was perfect! I know it seems that Carter always gets left out and he is never in my pictures, but most of the time, it's his decision. He's definitely at the age where he no longer wants to hang out with us and finds most of our "family time" lame. Besides, how could I forget about him when his principal calls so often and with all of the emails I receive from his teachers?!

A recent picture of Carter...of course he has his phone in his hand. 2793 text messages last month!

Brady and Bennett at the park

Always taking care of Cate!

Made it to the top!

Bennett thinking about how he was going to get down

Lots of hungry fish in the pond

Trying to keep Cate from jumping in

Til next time....Buh-Bye!!

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Jen said...

Looks like fun! Call us next time you're in town.