Friday, May 15, 2009

I Spoke Too Soon....

We were back at Children's Hospital last night...blah. Brady woke up at 10pm whimpering a little bit and when I checked on him, there was blood everywhere. It was running out of his mouth and was all over his pillow, blanket, and sheets. I immediately called his pediatrician's after- hours service and they told us to head to the hospital. After an hour wait in the waiting room, we were given a room. The ER doctor took a look and said the wound had clotted and there was no evidence of more bleeding. They called in the ENT (I'm sure she was thrilled..she looked like she just rolled out of bed) and she thought it would be best to admit Brady for observation and stay overnight...double blah. Diagnosis: severe dehydration. They put an IV in his arm to administer a drip of fluids. Of course Brady didn't cry when they stuck him with the fact, he watched the entire thing. The nurses were once again amazed with our Brady :) Around 3am we were moved to the 10th floor and Brady was able to get a good 5 hours sleep. Scott and I weren't as lucky. The room was recliner, one couch, two tv's, was loaded. Treated like kings on the 10th floor...Brady kept calling it a "hotel". The Dr. was in at 7am and said they would keep him for the better part of the day and watch for more bleeding. Bennett and Cate visited for a bit and they all got a surprise visit from Louie the Blues mascot. (Brady was hoping Albert Pujols would visit next!) Ben and Brady each got pucks and a headband. Very cool. We were finally discharged at 5pm. Brady is feeling better, but still has a very sore throat. He has eaten much better tonight and I'm hoping he'll get a good night's sleep. Scott is already asleep (its 9pm) and I don't think I'll need my sleeping pills tonight!!

Getting his IV...I like to think his tolerance is due to all of the episodes of "Trauma:Life in the ER" he watches with me :)

Scott trying to get some sleep

Don't feed the animals.......

Bennett reading a Star Wars book to Brady

Cate right before she pulled everything out of all of the drawers

Blues mascot Louie delivering gifts...he took Ben's hat and ran down the halls with it!

That's one nice headband. We worked on puzzles all day.

Our view of Forest Park

Cate and I enjoying the view

Finally, we're home and can play outside!!

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