Monday, May 4, 2009

"Aw, My Nuts"

Apparently seven year olds love to talk about their "nuts".

This year, Bennett chose to have three friends spend the night rather than a have a kid birthday party. Yay for me. Cheaper, less hassle, cheaper... We let Ben list a few kids that he would like over, and we narrowed it down to three. Our decision was based on behavior, how well they got along with each other, and how they would treat Brady. And, I have to admit, the kids were awesome. Scott took them fishing, we had pizza, and they played video games and watched TV. Perfect. No fighting, no crying, no injuries to report. Well, besides a few hook issues fishing. Everyone caught at least one fish, and they had a blast. Back home, the boys ate the basement, which is a huge treat because of the "no food or drink" policy, but we let it slide for one night. Once they were settled in the basement, Cate and I went to bed. I could hear the boys through the air vent and it was hilarious to listen to their conversations. At one point, someone yelled "dodgeball!" and that's when all hell broke loose. "Ouch, my nuts" "He hit my nuts" "Not my nuts"..."Nuts, nuts, nuts". Ridiculous. Scott slept on the couch so he could hear what was going on downstairs, and I took my sleeping pills so I couldn't hear what was going on downstairs :-) They were up bright and early and ate 12 donuts, dug a fort in the sandpit, and played a few games of ball before Scott took them home by 10. So far, I've counted two pairs of pj bottoms and one t-shirt left behind...not too bad.
A Motley Looking Crew
Brady with a "baby fish"

Miss Nosy making her way down to the action

Bennett got a hook in the finger

Cate cheering for the boys

Brady, Bennett, and Aaron showing off some fish. Scott let them keep the fish in this cage til they were finished. The boys must have lifted it out of the water a zillion times to check them out!

DJ, Brady, Aaron, Bennett, Carter, and Kile

The morning after..........(yes, that is Dr. Pepper and donuts!)

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