Thursday, April 30, 2009

"We Need a Clean-Up in the Gymnasium"

Cancel the's just Cate Smallie throwing the mother of all tantrums at "Family Fun Night." We put the "fun" in "dysfunctional"' sho'. Last night was Beach Night at Brady and Cate's school. Scott made it home in time to join us and off we went. The school was decorated for the theme and each classroom had different "beach" activities. Beach volleyball in the gym, ocean story and books in one room, crafts in another get the picture. So, we were in the room that had live shrimp, crabs, and other sea creatures for the kids to look at and touch. Cate went straight for the classroom toys. She found a baby doll to play with and started to get all of the toys out and make a huge mess (shocking, I know). When Scott picked her up to leave the room, she arched her back and screamed. So, he carried her screaming out of the room..and that's when she went ballistic. I have only seen this twice was Scott's first glimpse at our oh-so-fun future with Cate. Nothing could calm her down..she was screaming, crying, thrashing her arms, stomping her feet. Very impressive. We tried taking her into the gym where they had tons of beach balls to play with, but she was too far gone by then. Here, my sweet tiny baby in her super cute skirt is flailing around on the ground..skirt up over her head...rolling around on the dirty gym floor. It was definitely a "whose kid is that" moment. Scott finally grabbed her and exited the building (not before I took a few pics of course). Needless to say, Family Fun night ended early for us. The boys were good sports about it, both accepting that this is the way things are probably going to be with her. Once in the car, she was back to her sugary sweet self...talking and laughing and clapping for herself all the way home. Lord help us.

Brady looking at the ocean creatures...

"I'd much rather play with the dolls"

"Um, I am not putting this baby back"

"No, daddy...don't make me put her back"

I'm sure he's wishing he would have come home fifteen minutes later so we would have left without him!!!

Now that is one mad little girl. She scooted all the way across the gym on her back like this.

Goofy as ever on the way home. (Check out them legs!!)

Ironic that our church is pictured out the window???

Back at school this morning. She immediately headed for the babies and played there the entire time.

Any advice for me on how to survive her teen years?!?!?!


Jen said...

Ha Ha Ha! Glad we're not the only ones! Love the outfits!

Adriane said...

Hello, drama!! Oh, Miss Catybug is going to give you a run for your money!!! She's so cute with that tan!