Thursday, May 14, 2009

What a Week!

The past seven days have been the longest ever. I can't believe Brady's surgery was only last week...its seems like forever ago. Everyone always says that a tonsillectomy is so much easier on younger children...but, this can't possibly be true. It certainly isn't easier on the parents and Brady has been miserable. At least when I had my tonsils out at age 23, I was able to walk around drinking from my bottle of heavy narcotics. But, I think he's finally starting to feel a bit better and I'm hoping he regains the lost 5 pounds quickly..he looks puny!
Our weeks schedule was jam-packed with baseball and soccer, some of which were rained-out. This would seem like a welcomed relief for me, however, nothing is ever rained out til the last minute and by then, I've already done the hard part...uniform cleaning, equipment finding, bags packing, etc. Sitting at the games cheering is the easy part! The rain-outs last night allowed us to attend Annie's soccer game...they beat E'ville..YAY!

Bennett was supposed to be taking action shots of Annie...typical Bennett

Annie fighting with a rival player..she's pretty mean on the soccer field!!

Cate pushed her stroller most of the game

Bennett, Zack, Carter, Cate, and Brady taking a break
Carter had ISS (in-school suspension) on Thursday and Friday. We're so proud. He was caught writing "Elks Soccer Sucks" in a friends yearbook. Of course this was just the straw that broke the camels back..he had been in trouble several times over the past few weeks and they finally stuck it to him. ISS is served in a classroom at Coolidge but high school delinquents also serve their time there. Leave it to Carter to think ISS was "cool". He finished all of his school work in the first 30 minutes then was able to draw pictures (Lord only knows of what) for the remaining five hours. He also got to eat lunch at the high school...soda, chips, french fries..anything he wanted. Oh, and the best part?? He made a new friend...a high school kid who was in ISS for chewing tobacco in class...suh-weet! So much for teaching him a lesson.

My favorite juvenile delinquent pitching a great game

Had a few great hits too

Perfect wagon weather!

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