Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Swim Season has Started!

This is the first year we have missed opening weekend at Paddlers. The boys were extremely disappointed. So, yesterday when they asked to go, we knew it would be freezing but they are old enough to figure it out on their own! And it was cold. When we arrived around 5pm, we were the only ones there..besides the lifeguards. Bennett immediately jumped in and swam like it was 100 degrees outside. Brady wasn't as brave. He did the one-toe dip in the water, walked around...tested it over and over again. Finally got in..chest deep. Got back out. Took some harassing from Bennett to get Brady to jump in. And then he was done. Time for nachos. Bennett continued to swim for about 30 minutes before he was finished. 25 minutes longer than I thought. Cate walked the pool deck...checking things out, eating nachos and occasionally sitting on the side of the baby pool and splashing her feet. I could tell she wanted to jump right in but restrained herself (probably because she didn't want to get her food wet!) Hopefully the water will warm up enough for us to spend some quality time there this weekend. I need sun!

'Holy Cow' it's cold!!!!!!!!

Apparently, it was warm enough for Bennett

Cruising the pool...first time she's enjoyed the pool on her own two feet

Still cold

Bennett loves the diving board

Finally sucks it up and jumps in

"Is this enough for nachos and a slushie??"

Cate playing in the water...that's nacho cheese and ketchup all over her face

Found more water to play in...she loves getting messy

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Amy B said...

What a beautiful family you have.

It is such a small world. I am Amy Martin well used to be Martin, we went to school together. I found your blog through Adriane's which I found through someone elses blog that I didn't know.