Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"Dad, She's Like a Circus Clown"

Brady is so right. Cate is out of control. Cracks herself up. Thinks she's hilarious. Her newest "trick"...wearing everything on her head. Random clothing items, towels, shoes, food, stickers..anything and everything that she can find goes on her head. She clumsily walks around like this until she has everyone's attention and we're all laughing at her. On our weekly field trip to Target, I bought her a shirt, and she wore it on her head all the way around the store. I keep telling the boys to ignore her, but trying to keep a straight face while she's wearing ham and macaroni on her head is very hard to do. Besides, they think everything she does is great.
Figured out how to take her jammie bottoms off so she could wear them on her head

Taking her baby for a walk

Sitting with her bitty babies..or maybe sitting on her bitty babies.

That's one classy girl

Where's Cate?

There she is!

Thank goodness for OxiClean!

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