Thursday, April 16, 2009

Brady & Cate

It's Finally His Turn....
For all of his life (all four years) Brady has been hauled to every one of Carter and Bennett's soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis, swim, and track practices/games. And though he always has fun wherever he is, he has been patiently waiting for his turn to join his own teams. This spring we have signed him up for both soccer camp and a tball team. Of course, both teams practice on Monday nights, so we have to leave baseball early to make it to soccer (can anything ever be easy??). Last Monday was the first night and rain was in the forecast. Brady had both his bags packed for well over a week and was extremely disappointed when both sports were canceled because of weather. So, another week he waited. Scott and I knew they were predicting rain for this Monday as well, but we kept our fingers crossed. Tball ended up canceling early, but soccer decided to give it a go. Scott and I drove separately because I knew Cate wouldn't sit in the car for the full 90 minutes. It rained the entire time..not a drenching rain..just enough to make it miserable. But, he loved it! He wasn't shy at all and participated in every drill and game. When it was time for a drink break, he would run over to us, grab and quick drink and tell us he needed to get back because "his coached needed him". Cate made it 60 minutes before she made it obvious she was ready to go home. Carter and Bennett complained the entire time...imagine that. Carter wanted to go home. Bennett couldn't believe one of the kids had a baseball hat on at soccer practice..he literally wouldn't let it go...I've never seen him so disgusted... so I caved and took them all home. Brady was soaked by the time he got home, but was already asking how many days til his next practice!

We definitely don't have a hard time picking his blond hair out of a crowd!

He was "it" during freeze tag.

Quick drink

Keeping warm with daddy

On Monday mornings, I take Cate to gymnastics at the YMCA in Edwards.ville. It's more like a play group in the gymnastics center. After we drop Ben and Brady off at school, we head to the Y for the 9:15 class. It's just 30 minutes long and for ages 12-24 months. Even though most of the kids are her age, everyone always refers to her as "the baby". Last Monday was extra special because Scott was off work and he went to class with us. She loves being with her daddy!
The trampoline is her favorite

Playing in the foam pit. This was a treat because I refuse to get in that thing. I would never get out!!

All of the other kids love going down this slide...she loves going under it and refuses to go down...she usually just sits in there

This is her new buggy that the Easter bunny brought. She thinks it's her chariot and insists on being pushed around the house in it.

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