Monday, April 13, 2009


A Hopping Good Time

Cate practicing her "duck dance"

Easter 2009 was a great success! It started last Sunday when we celebrated Easter at my aunt Sandy's house. On the menu was ham and cheesy potatoes. I made an impressive trifle for dessert..first time I have ever attempted a trifle, and it was delish!

Cate is Easter dress #1 :-)

Typical family picture..crabby kids

On Easter Sunday, we had lunch at Scott's moms (ham and cheesy potatoes!!) and a huge egg hunt. 80 eggs! This was Cate's first egg hunt and she had a great time. The boys, of course were very competitive and I'm surprised there are no injuries to report.

Cate's Easter dress #2

Brady, Bennett, and Carter...ready for egg hunt

Cate hunting eggs at Grammy's

Reece, Brady, Cate, Carter, and Bennett posing for pictures after egg hunt

Uncle Josh and Bennett counting eggs (and money!)

Cate stealing Carter's eggs

Brady and Reece at Grammy's

At 6:00 we headed to my mom's for dinner (ham and baked potatoes) and a little fishing fun for the boys.

Bennett, Cate, Ann, Carter, Jon, and Brady at Mau Mau and Papa's house

Fishing in the backyard. They caught over 10 fish!

Bennett puts the worm on, catches a fish, takes it off the hook and throws it back in by himself!!
Doesn't need his dad's help anymore...except for the catfish!

It'll take me at least a week to find my dining room table under all of the baskets and candy. With Easter over, our next celebration is Bennett's birthday next week (23rd) is not on the party's menu ;-)

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