Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Week-End Review

And what a weekend it was! Very productive. This past weekend, Carter was in a soccer tournament in St.Charles..ended up having five games and winning his age division...yay! I attended zero games. Terrible, I know. I did, however, get a ton of things accomplished around the house, so I feel pretty good about that. We celebrated Bennett's birthday on Sunday. I worried about the weather all week and am very thankful that it was perfect on Sunday afternoon. The menu was "baseball fare" and we served hot dogs, brats, chips, nachos, cracker jacks, cake, and ice cream. Very easy...didn't even need to turn on my oven. We had 35+ family and friends over with 13 being young kids..it was wild (and loud!). Bennett had a blast and loved all of his gifts.

Bennett playing ball during the party

Cate taking a break from running all over the backyard (and stealing everyone's food)

Claire and Delaney...they could have jumped all night!

Reece, Cate, Kyndra, Brady, and Claire watching Bennett open gifts

A new bat..just what he needs (not!) but he loved it...

His new Trek bike


And after...

Baby Harper...too cute!

Cate hanging out in cousin Annie's car


After the party....Bennett watching one of the six Star Wars movies he received from Grammy and Papa!

This was taken before gymnastics on Monday morning. Thanks to everyone who emailed and called to make sure I didn't forget about it this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jen said...

Great party! I love that Bennett was sitting in Cate's PBK chair to watch his movie :)