Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring has Sprung!

My peonies are growing! Spring is here!

Spring has finally arrived, and for me, that means the busiest time of year. Warm weather = outdoor sports. Apparently last year we didn't have enough to do, so we've added a few things to our already ridiculous schedule of activities. Let's list them, shall we? Scott coaches highschool varsity softball, Carter is running track for Coolidge, playing Scott Gallagher soccer, and baseball...which Scott coaches. Bennett, thankfully, is a one spring sport athlete and only plays baseball..which, again, Scott coaches. Brady is starting a Scott Gallagher youth soccer program on Monday and is also playing t-ball this get the picture . Not to be left out, Cate has gymnastics/play group on Monday mornings at the YMCA in E'ville. Once school is out for summer, we add Ben's tennis and Carter's swim team. Friggin' crazy, I know.

Scott coaching softball

Carter running track. He loves riding the bus to away meets!

Bennett playing baseball for the "Heaters" in Ballwin this fall. He played for two teams last year...crazy. Catching is his favorite.

Brady practicing pop flies...with his soccer equipment on...he's all about the equipment!

Bennett at tennis camp-Summer 2008

Carter pitching for the All-Star game in his Florissant baseball league-2008

Cate at gymnastics-YMCA

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