Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cate Goes To School

On Thursday, Cate attended her first day of "school". Brady's Pre-K has a Tues/Thurs 'drop-in' class for 0-3 yr olds. Because I am now babysitting Tues/Wed, I was able to sign Cate up and drop-in this week. She loved it! The class is from 9:30-10:45 and is two classrooms down from Brady's class. Brady is very excited that Cate is going to his school and checked in on her several times while she was there. Mostly, it's just a play group with story and snack time. She loved playing with all of the different toys..especially the magnet wall and dolls. During snacktime, she actually sat down and drank juice (a first). Story time..well, she wasn't too interested...she wandered around the group "talked". There are only three more weeks of class before summer break, but we're all signed up for next year as well.

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Adriane said...

Looks like Miss Cate had fun at school!!! Love that shirt. She is such a cutie. What a little social butterfly!