Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Winter Storm

Tomorrow will be our school districts 8th snow day this school year. It's been a crazy winter to say the least. Forecasters were calling for a major storm to hit and thankfully our area was on the outer edge of the bad stuff and we ended up with just a few inches of sleet. Which to me, a few inches of sleet is bad enough..and it's really cold too. I really hate facebook in times like these....people complaining that schools are closed..then those same people complain when schools aren't closed. It's just one giant bitch-fest and for some reason I tuned in all day :) So, here are my thoughts on this storm (because I know everyone is dying to know my opinion)
  • I would much rather the weather people and road crews/emergency personnel over-prepare than under-prepare. Just think how outraged people would be if they had no warning
  • Just because the worst part of the storm didn't hit our city doesn't mean that other cities in the news viewing area weren't hammered. In fact, plenty were and I'm happy it wasn't us.
  • Predicting the weather is obviously not an exact science...because man has no control over it. Every storm has to start and stop somewhere...I wonder why most don't understand that predicting the storms exact boundaries is impossible.
  • Going to the grocery store to stock up before a storm is just using good common sense. Why would you want to have to go out in a snowstorm to get milk (or Pepsi..which by the way, I would go out in a hurricane to get Pepsi)

I'll step down off of my soapbox now. We actually had a great snow day here at the Smallie house. The kids were fantastic and Scott and I painted the dining room :) School is cancelled again tomorrow so we plan to tackle the pantry and may even paint the boys room.

Yes, we still have our roof Christmas lights up...not on, but up :) and now they're frozen

I was worried about our power lines and losing power, but so far, so good

Brady finally yanked his front tooth out. Thankfully the tooth fairy is well-prepared

Miss Cate is crazy as ever. Ya never know what she's going to walk in the room wearing...


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Adriane said...

I agree. Tired of the complainers!! Sounds like you guys are getting a lot done around the house!