Friday, February 4, 2011

"let's talk"

Cate: "Hey everybody, let's talk"
Everybody: "What do you want to talk about?"
Cate: "My birfday!!! I gonna be three!"

Miss Cate will be celebrating her third birthday on Tuesday. So hard to believe! She is very excited about fact, it's all she ever talks about. Every morning, it's the same thing...."it's good morning time everyone! Is my cake ready?" I made the mistake of telling her last week that I ordered her cake and she rides my butt about it all day long. And anytime I vacuum or grab the Clorox wipes, she asks if I'm cleaning for her party. Gonna be a long week!

Cute outfit, right? Wrong! It's a nightgown that she refused to take I made her put leggings on under it. At least it wasn't as obvious as her Minnie Mouse jammies.

At Target, looking for goodies
She was sad when her daddy walked to a different aisle without her. Give me a break!

This was her inflatable monkey raft. While I was downstairs, she took my camera for a spin. Lots of pictures of this monkey and several of her feet :)

Enjoying some Cold Stone ice cream with her leading man (it's never too cold for ice cream)

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