Sunday, February 20, 2011

Run For Your Life

In case you're wondering, yes, I'm still running. Coming up on my one-year anniversary of starting this stupid "hobby". Obviously, I still have a love-hate relationship with running. We had a rough winter here in the midwest, and even though I don't mind running in freezing cold weather, the three inches of ice stopped me in my tracks. It's ridiculous how long it took me to work up to six-mile runs and then how fast I "lost it" when I couldn't run for a few weeks. But, I have a lot of motivation to get back at it...I'm signed up for my first half-marathon April 30! Jen and Ness and I are heading to UofI for a girls weekend and to run 13.1 miles. Tomorrow starts my official training, but thanks to the weather, I've been able to run outside a lot these last two weeks to get myself warmed up. Next weekend, Candi and I are running a Mardi Gras, Run for Beads 5k in the Lou...margaritas and beer at the water-stations! Then, there's the St Pats 5-mile run in March, and the Marathon Relay with Shelley, Angela, and Jen on April 10. Can't wait for new race t-shirts to add to my collection!
Bennett and Brady (both desperately in need of haircuts) love to comment on how sweaty and gross I am when I get back from a run....nothing but support around here!!!!
97 days til swimsuit season!