Thursday, February 24, 2011

wednesday. thursday.

Last night, in the middle of the Dippin' Dots ice cream store (is that still the ice cream of the future?), Carter and Ben let me have it. I don't know where it came from but one minute they were eating and the next they were going off about how I only take pictures of Brady and Cate. Of course I ignored them, but once we were home, I decided to snap a few pics just to make them happy. And like always, they yelled and complained about having their picture taken. I can't win.
Here is Carter after our twenty minute fight over me not letting him play soccer with his friends after school Thursday if it's raining. Seriously.
I have two new BFF's. Washer and Dryer. The kids are fascinated and I'm still confused. Where is all the water and where does the Oxiclean go?!?!
Cate was in a very "bright" mood when she got dressed this morning. I never know what she's going to put on :)
Yesterday she wore pigtails....
And today they're gone!
I love her new haircut!!
Notice her playhouse in the background. The big bad wolf paid her another visit and blew it down. It's a very intense dramatic scene...nothing in the living room is safe :)

Bennett also got his haircut (that makes 4 out of 6 for us this week). He wanted it cut just like the highschool hockey goalie, Clint. Thankfully, Clint's mom is a stylist and Bennett loves his new do!

I received this letter yesterday. Way to go Bennett!

Hey look! Another picture of Carter! I would take more pictures of him regularly, but it's such a process. I take one~he looks at it~he deletes it~I take another~he looks at it~he deletes it. He takes all of the fun out of "candid" pictures! And is it just me (and my Ambien) or is he starting to look older? Only 5+months before he's a freshman and he is so excited about it. "Highschool's going to be the greatest time of my life mom"..... I sure hope so, it was for me :)

Cate *helping* me make brownies.

This now concludes my brief update on the last two days.

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